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30 Jan 2024

Filmmakers' Shindig: More than an Extra

Bristol, United Kingdom


Tuesday 30 January, 2024

Arrival at 6pm with the guest keynote beginning 6:30pm.

Casual social & mixer from 8pm onwards!


£6.00 - £9.00


The Architect

16 Narrow Quay
United Kingdom

Ticket type
Keynote, Entertainment & Networking (6pm) £9.00
Sale ended 30 Jan 2024
Tabb Solo Ticket (Tabb Solo Members) (Discounted tickets available for Tabb Solo members. Join now to claim.) Solo Only £6.00
Sale ended 30 Jan 2024

Probably the most inspiring little film night in the world. Join us in Bristol for an evening of learning, stimulation, collaboration, entertainment and general filmmaking joy!

This is an exclusive opportunity to:

  • Hear a guest keynote followed by Q&A from a leading voice in the film industry about their experiences and journey into filmmaking.
  • Watch a micro short film from a talented filmmaker.
  • Enjoy food and drink in the Architect Café Bar.
  • Mix and mingle with other attendees and share ideas for upcoming projects.
  • Enjoy live entertainment from Bristol's vibrant music scene.

Tabb's Filmmakers' Shindig is your chance to get inspired and get involved! We want to encourage you to make your film projects happen with this opportunity to hear from professionals who have been there and done it already.

Guest Talk:

To kick off the New Year, Tabb's Filmmakers' Shindig is joined by Special Action Actor Daniel Woolf to offer supporting artists the chance to level up their game for when they're on set.

Over the last 8 years in the industry, Jamaican-born Daniel Woolf has worked as a Special Action Actor and Supporting Artist, recently making the leap into directing and producing his own work. Proficient in Firearms, Screen Combat, and Ninjitsu, Woolf has worked on dozens of major productions, including Gangs of London (2020), The Batman (2022) and Black Widow (2021). 

With a passion for gritty realism, action and sci-fi, Woolf founded Cover 2 Productions with a mission to assist actors in showcasing their talent and getting involved in the creative process on both sides of the camera.

As part of the 'Know Your Role' course, Woolf partnered with stunt actor and creature performer Jake Nwogu to offer a specialised Action for Screen workshop & showreel package for actors and performers with existing combat/action experience. You can find out more here.

Shindig Short:

This month's shindig short is the animated children's show pilot, 'Toby the Crow'! Set in Dorset, the short follows Emily and her friends in the fictional town of Elttil as she meets an injured crow.

We'll be joined by the series' lead animator, Daniel Poulter, who will give us a sneak preview and behind-the-scenes look at the show.

Line Up

Daniel Woolf
  • Speaker
  • More Than an Extra: Level up your Supporting Artist Game

    Woolf is an experienced Special Action Actor, stepping into Writing and Direction. With a leaning towards Action/Sci-Fi Thrillers, made up of gritty shooting and maximum realism.

    Daniel Poulter
  • Filmmaker
  • Shindig Short: Toby the Crow

    Daniel is a 2D Animator/Rigger and Illustrator currently working on a new animated children's series, Toby the Crow, produced by Kirris Riviere.

    Michael McCall
  • Event Host
  • Director at Tabb with some fun Bristol-based projects in the works. I'm always looking for creative people to collaborate with!

    Bristol Production Van
  • Event Sponsor
  • The all-in-one rental solution for your next film, documentary, advertisement or interview.

    30 Attendees

    Alan Stronaut

    Alan is a demo Tabb account used during tutorials. Check out his account to see what you can do with your profile and Tabb Solo!

    Kirris Riviere

    Kirris Riviere Actor. Musician Blues Singer, Songwriter. Screenwriter and Director.

    Eranan Thirumagan

    Composer, Orchestrator and Music Producer. Writing music for Cinematic and Terrestrial Productions | Concert Works | Video Games | Branding

    Ricardo Ventura

    Ricardo is a Filmmaker, Actor, Director and Writer, based in Bristol/UK. He has worked for 20 years across Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and the UK.

    Pete Francomb

    Tabb co-founder and Chief Exec. I'd like to help you make your projects happen. I also produce the occasional film.

    Steve Garratt

    I'm a Writer/ Director based in Bristol, UK. I run a Creative Agency called Studio Giggle at The Paintworks. I love working with other writers, helping to develop them as writers or develop their ideas. I have over 25 years of experience.

    Guenevere Lambert

    Bristol-based professional performer with 10+ years experience. Screen and stage writer with skills in picture and audio editing.

    Huzair Mustafa

    I don't need to be seen, merely felt.

    Mark Horton

    I have been training with Mark McGann and Alison Mazenec over the last few years; learning stage and screen craft. I’m now looking for my first major role in film or television. I'm also writing a script for a sitcom.

    Dr Nigel Smith

    Craft stop motion animator/director with film festival screenings in the UK and around the world

    Roy M. Martens

    Finance consultant with a history of involvement in international multi-million dollars studio and independent co-productions, among them the very first mega-franchise “The Fast and the Furious”.

    Phil Peel

    Phil is a Writer, Producer, Director & DP. I've filmed many shorts and recently completed the feature film "Gone to Ground"

    Schuman Hoque

    An award winning feature film director with experience of TV commercials and branded content.

    Corinna Elleschild Unpublished

    Recently graduated from filmmaking at UWE - I have a range of practical skills inc camerawork, writing & directing. I'm passionate about documentary & social realism and am an expereicned videographer / photographer.

    Duncan Gilbertson Unpublished

    Thomas Oughton

    Im a actor and supporting artist and CFX performer.

    • Actor
    • Acting Extra
    • Seeking
    • Actor
    • Director
    • Actress
    • Event Producer
    • Filmmaker

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