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Production Expertise

Our Head of Production, Bashart Malik has 15 years' experience as a Director and Cinematographer working in commercials, music videos and features - with a passion for crafting imaginative visuals that use light to tell a story.

Bashart works in partnership with our Lead Producer to build you the perfect team - those with the most relevant skills and cultural fit for the job.


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We've written our very own "top ten tips" for creating a high quality, effective video.

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Creative Control

At Tabb, we're completely flexible as to how involved you wish to be in the creative and production process.

If you have strong creative ideas, we'll deliver them. If you need us to fully handle the creative, we will. If you wish us to complement a team already in place, no problem.

Keep tight hold of the reins or sit back and let us do our thing - the choice is yours.



We host a community of over 7000 freelance filmmakers and actors at every level of experience, with an efficient process for selecting the top talent for your film.

Whatever you need - music video, event coverage, social media, commercial, interview or documentary - we’ve got you covered!


FREE Consultancy Session!

For anyone seriously considering our production services, we offer a no obligation free one hour consultancy session to clarify your brief, advise on the budget and explore ideas.

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Assured Quality

So what is "quality"? Our definition is simple - that the final product lives up to your expectations.

The first step here is to define and agree up front, as tightly and clearly as possible, what your expectations are. Secondly, we select the most qualified team for the job.

Finally, in the rare case that the product doesn't match your expectations, we will move the earth to ensure that this is rectified.


Our Work

We host our portfolio on the same digital platform we provide to our community of filmmakers.

Here you can see examples of the work we've so far produced in-house.

Of course, as a unique hybrid of a production company and an agency, we can build the right team for whatever you need.

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