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9 Feb 2024

Action for Screen

Gloucester, United Kingdom

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Friday 09 February, 2024

Arrive at 8.30am for a prompt start at 9am. Course ends at 5pm.


£300.00 - £450.00


StrikeForce CQB

Units 39 - 40
Morelands Trading Estate
Bristol Road
United Kingdom

Ticket type
Action for Screen Course + Dedicated Showreel Package (Showreel Package includes: Director's edit focused on you and raw footage for you to edit yourself.) £450.00
Sale ended 01 Feb 2024
Action for Screen Course (Includes director's general edit of the day.) £300.00
Sale ended 01 Feb 2024

Actors, SPACTs and Supporting Artists, Know Your Role!

Are you an actor, a SPACT or a supporting artist that wants to improve your skills in action for screen? Do you already have some experience in stage/screen combat and/or firearms for stage screen? If yes, then this one-day course is for you!

What You Will Learn

The course is designed for performers who already have some basic knowledge and experience in performing action scenes on stage or screen. With specialist focus on a "gangster robbery scenario", you will learn how to:

  • Use camera movement and techniques to create dynamic and realistic action sequences
  • Apply movement coaching to build your character performance through tried techniques in physical acting
  • Work with a professional director and a fight/movement coordinator to execute safe and effective action scenes
  • Showcase your talent and skills with showreel material that you can use for your portfolio or auditions

Your Course Leads

Your course leads are Daniel Woolf and Jake Nwogu, both with many years' experience as SPACTs and Supporting Artists. Daniel is particularly experienced as a Special Action Actor, Jake in the arena of movement and dance. Both trainers also bring many years of experience as teachers and trainers - so they don't just know their stuff, they know how to impart that knowledge to you. You can see more info on each Course Lead under "Line Up" below.

Showreel Material

You will get a copy of what is filmed during the course. If you purchase the "Action for Screen Course plus Showreel Package" option, you will be given the raw material to edit yourself, and a bespoke cut of what is filmed featuring only the sections you are in. On the day, there will also be the option to purchase A4 stills at £10 each.

Everything You Need

The course fee includes all the equipment, materials and one-to-one coaching you will need.

Act Now!

Spaces are limited, so don't miss this opportunity to learn from the experts and get footage for your reels.

Course Series

The Gangster Robbery Scenario is the first of six scenarios in the Action for Screen course series. There will be two opportunities to book each scenario. The other scenarios will be Mercs vs TacticalPolice RaidBar Fight, Outdoor Skirmish and Medieval Battle. The second opportunity to book the Gangster Robbery Scenario will be on 8th March. Keep your eye out for the other scenarios!

Line Up

Jake Nwogu
  • Workshop Lead
  • I am a fully trained dynamic Movement Practitioner who can dance, fight, and act like a beast.

    Daniel Woolf
  • Workshop Lead
  • Special Action Actor stepping into Writing and Directing with a leaning towards Action/ Sci-Fi Thrillers. Gritty shooting and maximum realism. Trying to work and develop alongside likeminded creators across all genres and backgrounds.

    Cover2 Productions
  • Production Company
  • We are an independent film production company specializing in short films and social media content. Our team of talented photographers, videographers, and editors are dedicated to capturing your vision and bringing it to life.

    14 Attendees

    Alan Stronaut

    Alan is a demo Tabb account used during tutorials. Check out his account to see what you can do with your profile and Tabb Solo!

    Harrison Baillie

    3D Artist & Animator // Motion Design // Video Production // Post-Production Generalist

    Michael McCall

    Director at Tabb with some fun Bristol-based projects in the works. I'm always looking for creative people to collaborate with!

    Mark Horton

    I have been training with Mark McGann and Alison Mazenec over the last few years; learning stage and screen craft. I’m now looking for my first major role in film or television. I'm also writing a script for a sitcom.

    David Jeffery-Hughes

    Experienced Photographer based in Bristol/London. Music, Night Clubs, Weddings & Boxing.

    Gwillan Butler-Milton Unpublished

    British Stunt Register trainee and Stage combat apprentice with the APC.

    Ash Valley

    Actor, model, musician & music producer. With over 18 years writing, performing and producing experience, including scores for independent films.

    Abbiy Donoghue Unpublished

    Stunt woman in the making, performer, Adventurer, Daydreamer

    • Stunt Performer
    • SPACT

    Carol Knight Unpublished

    Stunts, Rock Climber, Jiu Jitsu & Expeditions

    • Action Performer

    Damien Lanceley

    Gangsta, viking or bad guy villian you pick but either way i will smash the character and make it unique.

    Daniel Warwick Unpublished

    • Stunt Performer

    Lucy Wordsworth Unpublished

    Actor-Mover-Fighty Stunt Person.

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