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We provide a huge set of features for free and we always will.
We ask for just the price of a pint a month for some key premium features.


A suite of powerful features for your industry calling card, developing projects and accessing opportunities.


  • Profile Attractive profile, super-easy to create.
  • Portfolio Rich portfolio of individual and team projects.
  • Opportunities Access both collaborative and paid opportunities.


Enhanced features around public availability, link sharing, privacy and anonymity.

£4.50 per month
£49.50 per year (1 month free)

  • Open for Business Any member of the public can message you.
  • Links in Bio Highlight links to other sites.
  • Private Profiles Only reveal yourself to those you choose.

Detailed Plan Comparison

Your Industry Calling Card
  Standard Pro
Attractive profiles, super-easy to create.
Exceptional search engine optimisation (SEO) and viewable by the general public.
Showcase your work with unlimited portfolio projects.
Add a brand/company profile as well as a personal profile - or represent a brand already on Tabb.
Allow other team members to represent your brand.
Credit both cast and crew on projects - or yourself on the projects of others.
"Automagic" project versions - team members can edit their own version without impacting the original.
Embed media from Vimeo, Youtube, Soundcloud and more.
Add engaging image galleries.
Modify your vanity URL to anything of your choice within the first fourteen days.
100 key actions per month - plenty for most members.
Allow the general public to message you - like a standard website contact form.  
Respond to enquiries with real time instant messaging.  
Highlight links to other sites front and centre.  
Default to a simple "links in bio view" for new visitors - like Linktree.  
Categorise portfolio projects - e.g. into sections for "Commercial", "Broadcast", "Personal" etc.  
Sidestep profile publication criteria to message members and express interest in opportunities.  
Auto redirect to keep your SEO when you change your vanity URL (two changes).  
Only show your profile to Tabb members - hide it from the general public.  
Make your profile anonymous - only reveal yourself to those you add to your contacts or send a message.  
Surreptitiously "avoid" selected individuals.  
Make projects secret - only viewable by those you choose to send a secret link.  
Keep sensitive projects secure - only viewable by members with whom you choose to share.  
Upload and display animated GIFs.  
Add and represent unlimited brand / company profiles.  
Lose the "Top Associates" section of your profile that links to other profiles.  
Lose the advertisements section at the base of your profile.  
Unlimited key actions per month.  
Access and Express Interest in Opportunities
  Standard Pro
Enjoy immediate access to both collaborative and paid opportunities.
Get notified by email up to once a day about opportunities that match your role tags.
Choose to only be notified of paid opportunities.  
Crew and Cast Your Projects
  Standard Pro
Advertise opportunities on upcoming projects (collaborative or commercial).
Advertise briefs for complete videos (must have a budget).
Get your paid opportunities shared via our social media channels.
Comprehensive features to manage and respond to applicants / expressions of interest.
Modify and track the status of applicants (i.e. tag as "Undecided", "Not Right", "Shortlisted" or "On Team")
Respond to expressions of interest in bulk (e.g. send a "sorry, not this time" message to all applicants not chosen).
Share the administration of opportunities with other team members.  
Make opportunities secret - only viewable by those you choose to send a secret link.  
Keep sensitive opportunities secure - only viewable by members with whom you choose to share.  
Flexibly tag contacts and dynamically assign them to "smart lists" based on various search criteria.  
Communicate with Your Project Team
  Standard Pro
Respond to team messages / participate in team message threads.
Send team messages / initiate team message threads and share files between members of an active project.

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