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Eranan Thirumagan Swansea, United Kingdom

Composer, Orchestrator and Producer. I can record a beep, sample a beep or write some dots on how to beep. Take your pick.

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I aim to write music that either evokes a narrative or supports one. My hope is to tell these stories in a manner that builds upon existing material without simply repeating it.

Music can sometimes suffer being reified out of a fear of not fitting in established norms. So hopefully I can open some ears and minds to trying different ways fitting music to scenes.

We should take risks and experiment while we can. We can worry about the commercial success once the billionaires start breathing down our necks. 🙃

Ask me why I write music and I'll put my shoes on my head. There is no meaning to anything, so let me tell stories through my music. Maybe I can help tell yours.

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