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Let us Create and Optimise
your Tabb Profile

Industry grade, SEO-optimised and open for business - the only website you need


Curator Service

While all Tabb's profile features are directly available to you, an experienced hand can assist in presenting you in the best possible light to potential clients and to search engines. We also save you a ton of time!

After we've handed your Tabb profile back to you, it remains fully customisable to change or edit however you wish.

It costs only £250.00 to have a Curator build a profile and portfolio for you - the only website you need.


Consultancy Support

"Should I say I'm professional or emerging in this role?". "How many of my skills should I present?". "What makes a strong profile headline?". These are just a few of the many questions our Curators can assist you with.

Terminology and phrasing are also critical to a professional impression. Tabb Curators will catch any potential errors that could slip through the net.


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Built to be Found

Tabb's technical architecture is optimised for search engines - from the way the internal navigation works to the structure of the code. Combine this with our Curators' knowledge of how to most effectively populate your portfolio, and you have the perfect partnership.

When it comes to SEO optimisation, there really is no portfolio service like Tabb. No need to update your website’s blog to stay on the first page when anyone searches for you. Tabb will hold the fort.


Combine with Tabb Solo

Just upgraded to Tabb Solo? Let our Curators work their magic on the additional set of features now available to you.

Allow members of the public to message you. Highlight your links to other sites and social media profiles. Let visitors filter your portfolio by the your chosen categories.

Your Tabb profile may be the only website you need.


Further Services for Teams

Want to use Tabb as your team or agency portfolio platform? Request a brand package.

Tabb Curators will build professional profiles for your whole team along with a brand page and credits on shared projects.

We also offer a Workshop Day to take headshots and equip your team members with Tabb smart networking cards.