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Rich Kersey Bristol, United Kingdom

We create beautiful branding and bespoke motion graphics to explain products or services. Transforming complexity into understanding for your audience. 🤖 🚀

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I'm Rich Kersey and I've run ker-Z creative since 2019. I made the move after working as part of the global design team at Aviva.

I thought I should start by introducing myself. So... here's 3 facts about me!

1) I feature in Wookepedia! 

For those of you who don't know that is the Star Wars wiki page… checkout Emporer Rersey and before you ask… no there's no physical resemblance!

2) I coached princess Charlotte's godfather at tennis

3) I attended every one of Liverpool's home champions League ties 2021/22

One of the great things about working with small businesses is that when you hire ker-Z creative you get to work with me! Getting to know my clients and you getting to know me is part of what means we can offer a great personal service. 

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Shadow Robot brand refresh (Rebrand, 2022)

Shadow Robot have been developing awesome robots that make working life better for 25 years. They asked us to refresh their brand ahead of this anniversary.

  • Creative Director
  • Branding Consultant
  • Designer