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Contactless card promo (Corporate video, 2022)

Meet the last business card you'll ever need! We launched the contactless share my deets (now share the deets) in March 2022 to replace dated paper cards.

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Contactless business cards

We've introduced the next generation of business cards with our 'share my deets' (now share the deets) cards.

NFC technology offers a frictionless solution to sharing your details at a meeting, conference or exhibition. The ability to add the industry standard vCard or website link direct to your customers phone has many advantages:

✅ Frictionless information transfer

✅ No more lost contact details

✅ Stand out from the crowd

✅ Never run out of cards

✅ Easily editable data

✅ Covid secure 

Meet the last business card you’ll ever buy:

Cards created as part of Start-Up brand package for Paul Netto, Director of Equifino.

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Rich Kersey Bristol, United Kingdom

We create beautiful branding and bespoke motion graphics to explain products or services. Transforming complexity into understanding for your audience. 🤖 🚀

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