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27 Feb 2024

Filmmakers' Shindig with Josh Elwell

Bristol, United Kingdom

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Tuesday 27 February, 2024

Arrival at 6pm with the guest keynote beginning 6:30pm.

Casual social & mixer from 8pm onwards!


£6.00 - £9.00


The Architect

16 Narrow Quay
United Kingdom

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Keynote, Entertainment & Networking (6pm) £9.00
Sale ends 27 Feb 2024
Tabb Solo Ticket (Tabb Solo Members) (Discounted tickets available for Tabb Solo members. Join now to claim.) Solo Only £6.00
Sale ends 27 Feb 2024

Probably the most inspiring little film night in the world. Join us in Bristol for an evening of learning, stimulation, collaboration, entertainment and general filmmaking joy!

This is an exclusive opportunity to:

  • Hear a guest keynote followed by Q&A from a leading voice in the film industry about their experiences and journey into filmmaking. (To be announced!)
  • Watch a micro short film from a talented filmmaker.
  • Enjoy food and drink in the Architect Café Bar.
  • Mix and mingle with other attendees and share ideas for upcoming projects.
  • Enjoy live entertainment from Bristol's vibrant music scene.

Tabb's Filmmakers' Shindig is your chance to get inspired and get involved! We want to encourage you to make your film projects happen, with this opportunity to hear from professionals who have been there and done it already.

See below for this month's lineup.

Line Up

Josh Elwell
  • Speaker
  • On Screen Puppetry and Creature FX

    Josh presents a unique insight into the world of ‘on screen’ live action puppetry and creature FX. He will be talking about his experience working on a wide range of TV and film productions including; ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’, ‘Dark Crystal - Age of Resistance’, ’Strange Hill High’, ‘Assassin’s Creed' and 'Dr Who’.

    With a TARDIS full of behind the scenes material to share, Josh will describe his process from script to screen and talk about his hybrid approach of collaborating with design, fabrication and VFX teams. He looks forward to sharing his experience of performing some cult screen characters, from Duck to Daleks!

    Michael McCall
  • Event Host
  • Business Development here at Tabb with some fun Bristol-based projects in the works! Always looking for new people to work with!

    Pete Francomb
  • Event Host
  • Tabb co-founder and Chief Exec. I'd like to help you make your projects happen. I also produce the occasional film.

    Bristol Production Van
  • Event Sponsor
  • The all-in-one rental solution for your next film, documentary, advertisement or interview.

    Alan Stronaut

    Alan is a demo Tabb account, used during tutorials and to showcase what you can do with your account and with Tabb Pro!

    Ashley Porciuncula

    Producer, director, and digital strategies consultant. Lover of gamification, psychology, video games, storytelling and other deliciously nerdy things.

    Eranan Thirumagan

    Composer, Orchestrator and Producer. Writing music for Cinematic and Terrestrial Productions | Concert Works | Video Games | Branding

    Steve Garratt

    I'm a Writer/ Director based in Bristol, UK. I run a Creative Agency called Studio Giggle at The Paintworks. I love working with other writers, helping to develop them as writers or develop their ideas. I have over 25 years of experience.

    Dr Nigel Smith

    Craft stop motion animator/director with film festival screenings in the UK and around the world

    Oscar De-Young Unpublished

    • Director
    • Screenwriter
    • Producer

    Freya Isabelle Williams Unpublished

    James Alexander Unpublished

    Laurens Nockels Unpublished

    We make puppets and creatures too, for films and tv productions all over the uk.

    • Seeking
    • Creative Director
    • Filmmaker
    • Creator
    • Production Designer
    • Digital Fim Production

    Lewis Comissiong Unpublished

    • Seeking
    • Producer
    • Cinematographer
    • Scriptwriter
    • Film Composer
    • Location Sound

    Lily Kennedy Unpublished

    Lucy Davidson Unpublished

    I'm a Stop-motion director developing a short film

    • Seeking
    • Actress
    • Scriptwriter
    • Music Composer

    Madison Rowe Unpublished

    General artist and crafter

    • Seeking
    • Designer
    • Background Artist

    Matthew Dolben Unpublished

    Veronica Causey Unpublished

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