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Ashley Porciuncula Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Ashley Porciuncula is a Californian-born filmmaker, director, producer, and digital consultant. She is passionate about storytelling, gamification psychology, and other deliciously nerdy things.

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Ashley is a versatile producer, director, and tech enthusiast with almost two decades of experience in digital production, tech delivery, and film.

In 2023, Ashley made a bold career shift from the tech industry to film, driven by her unwavering passion for storytelling. As a creative senior leader, she skillfully manages major projects from start to finish, blending her technical expertise with a passion for storytelling.

Ashley's educational pursuits include certificates in gamification from Stanford University and The Wharton School and cognitive psychology from the University of York. Ashley is not just a doer; she's a dynamic storyteller shaping narratives across creative landscapes.

Some of the companies Ashley has worked with and places where my work has been seen include Netflix, MTV, Channel 4, ESA, Forbes, Net Magazine, CBBC, Shazam, CMC, Medical Economics, and Amazon Web Services.

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