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21 Nov 2023

Creative Meetup & Dareshack Studio Showcase

Bristol, United Kingdom

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Tuesday 21 November, 2023

Doors Open: 18:00


£6.00 - £8.00



Vintry Building, Wine Street
United Kingdom

Ticket type
Studio & Networking Ticket (Includes drink token!) £8.00
Sale ended 21 Nov 2023
Invitee Ticket (Discount code required. Includes a drink token!) £6.00
Sale ended 21 Nov 2023
Tabb Solo Ticket (Includes drink token!) (Discounted tickets available for Tabb Solo members. Join now to claim.) Solo Only £6.00
Sale ended 21 Nov 2023

A creative studio, powered by coffee.

We are building unique environments where creative people and projects can thrive. Combining physical and digital spaces with professional support, we collaborate with artists and innovators to nurture extraordinary ideas. We work at the intersection of music, video and technology, from live entertainment to digital productions.

If you're a filmmaker, musician, actor, artist or performer, join us for our studio showcase. Learn what we're about, what we have to offer and how Dareshack can help make your creative ventures the best they can be.

So, What is a "Dareshack"?

Dareshack is a multi-functional space in central Bristol rooted in the belief that hospitality and entertainment can connect people, evoke feelings and spark change. Home of a speciality coffee & tea bar; a kitchen baking artisan cakes, homemade doughnuts and more; and all things creative – from talks, workshops dining experiences to art exhibitions. It’s a space to meet like-minded people, host meetings, and feel inspired.

What to expect:

A behind-the-scenes tour of Dareshack's unique creative studio, concept store, bar and cafe.

Our studio is a space to devise and produce unique live experiences, shoot film and create art. (Such as the VFX scenes of Evan Preston's Suong!) We work with multidisciplinary tools, combining physical performance, cinematic design installation, original storytelling and audiovisual properties to transport audiences to alternate realities.

With a complete d&b 360 Soundscape system, Dareshack is the first music and arts venue in the UK to have a permanent installation. With twenty-two loudspeakers combined with state-of-the-art processing power, object-based mixing, and sophisticated room emulation, the creative possibilities are endless.

We'll also be screening some short films in the studio! - Send us yours!

Who's coming?

Alongside Tabb, We are hosting a meetup for creatives of all disciplines. If you produce films, play in a band, act, design, animate or produce artwork of any kind, this is your place to meet collaborators.

We have also invited Bristol Production Van, your local gear store on wheels, to help you envision even more ways to take advantage of Dareshack's studio and creative space.

Check out the attendee list below to see a few of the fantastic creatives attending! - While you wait, why not check out some of the local opportunities to collaborate or post your own?


Line Up

  • Event Organiser
  • Pulling together this special event is Tabb, a project-centred network powered by a community of independent producers, filmmakers, artists and actors.

    • Software Platform

    Bristol Production Van
  • Equipment
  • A locally run co-op, Bristol Production Van is the all-in-one rental solution for your next film, documentary, advertisement or interview. Plus, we have a lot of cool lights.

    Dr James Bragg
  • 3D Artist
  • Live Interactive Visuals

    Dr James Bragg is a Bristol-based Artist and Electronic musician. Bragg designs interactive 3D art and immersive experiences and will be showing just a fraction of what is possible with Dareshack's unique studio space.

    39 Attendees

    Alan Stronaut

    Alan is a demo Tabb account used during tutorials. Check out his account to see what you can do with your profile and Tabb Solo!

    Ashley Porciuncula

    Ashley Porciuncula is a Californian-born filmmaker, director, producer, and digital consultant. She is passionate about storytelling, gamification psychology, and other deliciously nerdy things.

    Harrison Baillie

    3D Artist & Animator // Motion Design // Video Production // Post-Production Generalist

    Lux Goldman

    Non-binary DOP & Gaffer, looking to build up my portfolio. Especially interested in sci-fi & queer stories. Owner-operator with C70 & BMPCC6k Pro, DZO & Canon Lenses, Lighting, G&E and Support packages available.

    Sal Lifely

    Music videos, video art & shorts, made with a love of film, fine art & concept.

    Michael McCall

    Director at Tabb with some fun Bristol-based projects in the works. I'm always looking for creative people to collaborate with!

    Eranan Thirumagan

    Composer, Orchestrator and Music Producer. Writing music for Cinematic and Terrestrial Productions | Concert Works | Video Games | Branding

    Pete Francomb

    Tabb co-founder and Chief Exec. I'd like to help you make your projects happen. I also produce the occasional film.

    Ricardo Ventura

    Ricardo is a Filmmaker, Actor, Director and Writer, based in Bristol/UK. He has worked for 20 years across Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and the UK.

    Joseph Hadley

    Storytelling has always been a passion for me. We all have unique perspectives and film is a vehicle to bring those perspectives to life, whether in a blistering desert or a cool café. I want to help you tell your unique perspective.

    Louise Latham

    Piano based singer songwriter in the soul and folk pop genre. Released recordings have featured on BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio 2 and other radio stations home and abroad. Currently writing musical theatre/film projects.

    Stephen Packe

    Composer/Producer specialising in experimental electronic and piano/orchestral music. Releases music as LTO on Denovali Records. Also does audio editing/mixing for film.

    Freya Moore

    I co-own a production company called 'Cobmoore House Productions'. I’m a freelance editor and film and edit films for fun! Feel free to get in touch!

    Sandra Cole

    Stevie and might be interested in studio space for our future projects

    Phil Peel

    Phil is a Writer, Producer, Director & DP. I've filmed many shorts and recently completed the feature film "Gone to Ground"

    Schuman Hoque

    An award winning feature film director with experience of TV commercials and branded content.

    • Director
    • Seeking
    • Producer
    • Writer
    • Musician
    • Artist

    Tsvetelin Zamfirov Brankov

    Tsvetelin is an Eastern European professional theater and film actor living in Bristol.

    Julian Greenbank Unpublished

    I'm currently an edit assistant at GCN+. Here, we focused on longcutting the documentaries, we also helped with editing short form videos and DIT work on set.

    • Post Production Editor
    • Editor
    • Camera Operator
    • Seeking
    • Editor
    • Co-editor
    • Post Production Editor
    • Editing Assistant

    Ben Addis Unpublished

    Douglas Karson Unpublished

    Artist | Lateral thinker | Creativity facilitator | Engagement Specialist | Helping people through creativity | Sharing art and inspiration | NatWest Entrepreneurship Accelerator | Rotarian

    • Seeking
    • Co-creator
    • Business Owner
    • Artist
    • Facilitator
    • Workshop Facilitator
    • Painter
    • Creator

    Finley Rowland Unpublished

    Harriet Ladyman Unpublished

    I'm a GCN+ Edit Assistant who's just been made redundant, along with 100+ others. Looking to start my freelance career. Ask me about my talented network of colleagues.

    Jeevan Dominguez Unpublished

    I'm an entry level Videographer looking to create visuals for Musicians in Bristol. I want to do away with the standard performative "run and gun" format and create beautiful pieces of narrative that invoke emotion.

    • Seeking
    • Scriptwriter
    • Short Films
    • Freelance Filmmaker
    • Film Production
    • Dancer
    • Filmmaker
    • Creative Director
    • Music
    • Videographer

    Karnn Bhullar Unpublished

    Luke Whitmoe Unpublished

    Marieta Stanoeva Unpublished

    Oliver Compton Unpublished

    • Seeking
    • Editor
    • Co-editor
    • Post Production Editor
    • Editor Assistant

    Rosie McCracken Unclaimed

    • Seeking
    • Artist

    Ryan Rubi

    Hi everyone, I’m a script, content, and copywriter fairly new to the UK. Happy to meet up and collaborate with fellow filmmakers.

    Simon abel Unpublished

    Sophie Grenfell Unpublished

    Trainee Intimacy Co-ordinator, Movement Director and Theatre Maker looking to gain experience in making and co-ordinating on short film/music videos/dance film.

    • Seeking
    • Director
    • Director Of Photography
    • movement director
    • Filmmaker
    • 1st Assistant Director
    • Intimacy Coordinator
    • Intimacy Director

    Thomas Oughton


    • Actor
    • Acting Extra
    • Seeking
    • Actor
    • Short Films
    • Director
    • Film Production
    • Actress
    • Creative Director
    • Main Actor

    Thomas Terminet Unpublished

    I'm a cinematographer/film maker, just moved to Bristol and looking to meet and collaborate with people.

    • Seeking
    • Filmmaker

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