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Suong (Short film)

A Vietnamese art student experiences unsettling visions which she needs to understand so that she repair the fractured relationship with her father.

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Triggered by the loss of her mother, a second-generation Vietnamese art student living in the UK, experiences unsettling visions which she needs to understand so that she can fully express herself in her artwork and ultimately repair the fractured relationship she has with her father.

Evan Preston United Kingdom

Evan Preston is a writer & director. Themes of Duality and mortality appear in his films, often including supernatural aspects. Evan aims to make films that entertain but also provoke conversations and subvert expectations.

Presto Films United Kingdom

Presto Films is a website founded, by Evan Preston, that aims to create films that entertain audiences, subvert expectations and provoke conversations.

  • Production Company

Benjamin Martyn Wheeler Cardiff, United Kingdom

Welsh DP with an Arri Alexa Mini shoot package. After establishing his skillset in VFX on BBC's His Dark Materials, he has gone on to shoot for the show and other BBC programming. When able to, he shoots for smaller Welsh productions.

Nathan Powles Unconfirmed

A 2020 graduate of UWE_Film’s Filmmaking Course, I have worked on projects for BBC New Creatives, the NHS and Glastonbury Festival. An aspiring sound designer, I am working as a freelance sound recordist to fund creative sound projects.

Baillie Rubagotti United Kingdom

I am recent university graduate and an aspiring filmmaker. My area of focus is Writer/Director/Producer with a passion for creating films that connect and educate audiences, critiquing and breaking down negative societal perceptions.

  • Production Assistant

Ellie Kirby Bristol, United Kingdom

Hey! I am a Bristol based Hair and Make up Artist 😊 I’ve been a hairdresser for over 20 years and doing make up for 5 years…am looking for work experience in Tv/film in and around Bristol

  • Make-up Artist

Jamie Brightmore Bristol, United Kingdom

Multi-disciplined; VFX artist, 3D designer, and Filmmaker. Over 25 years experience working with production companies, Indy films, and creative agencies. Look forward to working with more of you!

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