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Matthew Gilpin Bristol, United Kingdom

An award-winning Writer/Director, Editor and sometimes actor.

Tabitha Kell Bristol, United Kingdom

An enthusiastic actor who is on the look out for exciting new projects whether they be immersive theatre, film/TV, voice work or traditional theatre.

Owen Peters None, Unpublished

Sound Editor & Sound Designer For Film, TV and Online / AMPS, RTS & MPSE member / Co-founder of Paradigm Post-Production Ltd

Bethanie Marriott Corsham, United Kingdom

Oh! Sorry! I didn't see you there! Hi, I'm Bethanie, I'm from Wiltshire England. I'm an active figure skater that loves to do Cosplay, Photography and Film work on the side! I'm full of personality and enthusiasm. Any questions just ask.

Carolyn Csonka None, Unpublished

Director of Rapscallion Theatre Company

Jack Stacey Salisbury, United Kingdom

  • Actor
  • Playwriter
  • Screenwriter
  • Scriptwriter
  • Background Artist

Lucas F. Sunderland Major, Bath, United Kingdom

Theatre Venue Manager by day, Storyteller by night.

Emile Clarke Major, Bath/London, United Kingdom

Emile is a LIPA trained actor having appeared in a number of films, commercials and theatre performing at local and nationally established theatres.

Adam Healey Major, Bristol, United Kingdom

Acting, science, fighting and sarcasm.

Jonathan Price (JP) None, North Wales, United Kingdom

Director of photography from north Wales

Carmen Burchell Bristol, United Kingdom

Screenology student & filmmaker who specialises in directing and writing, but am open to any and all opportunities.

Ash Valley Major, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Actor, model, musician & music producer. With over 18 years writing, performing and producing experience, including scores for independent films.

Michael Noller Major, Frome/Bath/Somerset, United Kingdom

Aspiring Filmmaker

Lee West Yeovil/Bristol, United Kingdom


Xan Gilmour London, United Kingdom

Writer-director. EVA REVISITED, my latest, won Best Drama at the White Deer Film Festival; IMBAS, my mythic road trip movie, won the top 3 prizes at Feel the Reel Film Festival.

Peter Benson Bath, United Kingdom

Versatile actor, available for any kind of production. Experienced in stage, film, street, childrens' theatre etc. Improv, devising, run workshops, mime experience.

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