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Graciela Watson Major, Bristol, United Kingdom

A TV professional with years making factual entertainment programmes and a strong desire to keep telling stories, dramatic or real.

Alice Hervin United Kingdom

Writer, currently studying a MA in Scriptwriting at Bath Spa University.

Mike Atkins None, Bristol, United Kingdom

Recently arrived in Bristol to start a new life. Looking to connect, converse & collaborate!

  • Runner
  • Mature

Aron Weston Bristol/Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom

22 year old filmmaker specialising in Writing, Directing, Cinematography and Photography.

Ashley Porciuncula Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Ashley Porciuncula is a Californian-born filmmaker, director, producer, and digital consultant. She is passionate about storytelling, gamification psychology, and other deliciously nerdy things.

Penny Clegg West Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Looking for new projects to join! Regular Scriptlab attendee, always open to collaborate.

Alan Stronaut Major, Houston, United States

Alan is a demo Tabb account used during tutorials. Check out his account to see what you can do with your profile and Tabb Solo!

Ricardo Ventura Bristol, United Kingdom

Ricardo is a Filmmaker, Actor, Director and Writer, based in Bristol/UK. He has worked for 20 years across Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and the UK.

George Salt Bristol, United Kingdom

Writer, Producer, Self shooting PD.

Aggie Nyagari Bristol, United Kingdom

Film/TV producer/director living in Bristol, England. A great team player, passionate story teller and multi-skilled filmmaker.

John Joseph Bristol/Bath/Liverpool, United Kingdom

Hire me for your project as an Actor and you are guaranteed to get a dedicated, hard working and fun team player.

Corey William Price Bristol/Bath, United Kingdom

Bristol-based filmmaker. Directing, producing and writing my own films - always open to collaborate.

  • Director
  • Scriptwriter
  • Producer

PRETOR Bristol, United Kingdom

I have always been a very artistic creature, since my childhood times really. “Being artistic “means to have the need to express yourself you simply can't control or can't live without. That characteristic relates to every creative person

Rachel Saunders Bristol, United Kingdom

A filmmaker who has arrived at her current destination via Script Supervising and Costume Departmenting over the course of some 25 years. Delighted to have finally arrived at writing and directing and excited about the upcoming projects.

Joseph Hadley Bristol, United Kingdom

Storytelling has always been a passion for me. We all have unique perspectives and film is a vehicle to bring those perspectives to life, whether in a blistering desert or a cool café. I want to help you tell your unique perspective.

Merlin Goldman Bristol, United Kingdom

Writer/Director/Producer of short films. Screencraft and Pears Film Fund short-listed. Founder member of DIY Films (4 films made to date).

Eranan Thirumagan Major, Swansea, United Kingdom

Composer, Orchestrator and Music Producer. Writing music for Cinematic and Terrestrial Productions | Concert Works | Video Games | Branding

Bashart Malik Bristol, United Kingdom

Over 15 years of experience as a Director and DOP in commercials, music videos and features. With a special passion for crafting imaginative visuals using narrative and light.

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