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Oliver Park Bristol, United Kingdom

I strive to innovate in the horror genre, and to leave audiences eagerly dreading what's next.

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Oliver Park, a British-born writer and director based in LA and the UK, has made a significant impact in the world of horror cinema. His latest feature film, 'The Offering' (Jan 2023), achieved notable success, reaching No.2 on the Apple Movie Charts following its worldwide theatrical release. The film is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, showcasing its critical acclaim.

Oliver's journey into the cinematic realm began with an architecture background, transitioning into acting in indie films and commercials. However, his career truly skyrocketed with the release of his critically acclaimed short film, 'Vicious', which BuzzFeed praised as “one of the best short horror films ever made.”

He has since collaborated with major film powerhouses such as Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema, and Lionsgate. Oliver has adapted novels for Atlas Entertainment, developed concepts for horror theatre, studio films, and comic books, and worked on various video game projects.

Represented by Gersh in the US and Independent in the UK, Oliver has successfully sold pitches to, and is currently developing projects with, prestigious studios including New Line Cinema, Lionsgate, Atlas Entertainment, Vertigo, Decal, RatPac, Millennium Films, and Broken Road. He is actively working on writing and directing films with industry giants such as Academy Award Winner Charles Roven (Oppenheimer, Wonder Woman), Walter Hamada (The Conjuring, The Batman), and Roy Lee (IT, Barbarian).

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