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The Day That Broke (Feature film, 2017)

This community feature film tells of an eclipse doesn't go away from the perspective of a 6 different interwoven stories.

Tom Brereton Downs Bath, United Kingdom

Tom loves to support people in uncovering and showing off their particularly brand of brilliance. He does this as a filmmaker, creative coach and founder of Screenology, Bristol's innovative Creative Filmmaking Degree programme.

Screenology Bristol, United Kingdom

Screenology is the UK’s most forward thinking creative production and training organisation. Our mission is to transform the world through film, video and creativity. Make Films. Make a Difference. Jump!

Theatre Royal Bath Bath, United Kingdom

A theatre, in Bath.

Joe Spurgeon Bristol, United Kingdom

A producer, dreamer and make happener of theatre and film projects

Jessica Jones Bristol, United Kingdom

Production designer, set dresser, art director and all round crafty creative.

Aaron Hooper Bath, United Kingdom

I am one to give 110% with any opportunity that I can gain and every role always has a story to tell. I want to meet and collide with a vast array of different people as I am always eager what the possible story may be to tell.

Amy Vickers Bath/London, United Kingdom

Stage & Screen Actress

Emma Dingle Bath, United Kingdom

I am keen to build-up my acting portfolio and am actively looking for professional opportunities.

John Rowley Bristol, United Kingdom

I have extensive experience as a supporting artist and have worked on BBC and ITV productions

Lizzie Morris South West, United Kingdom

I am an experienced, easy to work with and versatile actor, capable of taking on a wide variety of characters and styles. I am always keen to hear from people embarking on creative projects - so let me know if I can be of help on yours.

Mike Harley Melksham/Bath, United Kingdom

Experienced and versatile with a strong "can do mentality"

Mike Salisbury United Kingdom

Natural history film-maker and sometime actor.

Nichola Taylor Bath, United Kingdom

Actor with a great passion for Theatre and film. Based in the South West.

Olivia Murphy Bath/Bristol/Southampton/London/Cork, United Kingdom

Steve Harding Bristol, United Kingdom

Stage and screen actor, husband and proud father.

Sue Ross Bath/Bristol, United Kingdom

Experienced on stage, minimal film work so far - looking to change this 😊. Have already proved myself incapable of uploading videos - be warned!

Tim Wells Bath, United Kingdom

An actor singer (mainly blues) and voice artist with own studio based in Bath, N.E. Somerset. Over twenty years experience in most areas of performance, on stage, on camera and in studio.

Tom Field Calne/Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Character actor

Tom Turner Bristol, United Kingdom

Actor, Acting Teacher, occasional musician. Interested in anything interesting.

Tilly Karabina Bristol, United Kingdom

Head of Student Experience at Screenology Film School, Bristol

Joe Trickey Bristol, United Kingdom

I'm Joe. I want to help you make your films awesome.

Olga Rei Czarkwiani Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol and Warsaw based. Sound introduces it's own narrative layer, adds depth, resonates emotions and describes spaces and worlds. Even it's lack tells a story.

Sam Healey Bristol, United Kingdom

Screenology Graduate and now Assistant Sound Technician.

Hayden Brown Bristol, United Kingdom

Professional maker of things for the internet and occasionally telly.

Benjamin Tate Bristol, United Kingdom

Benjamin is a Director of Photography based in Bristol. Currently available for projects.

Bryony Coles Bristol, United Kingdom

Aspiring Northern Irish film-maker based in Bristol

Catherine Cable Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelance film maker specialising in Producing, AD and Directing. Screenology Film School.

Constance Richards Bristol/Leeds/Harrogate, United Kingdom

22-year-old film maker, originally from Harrogate (that's near Leeds). I've already got two RTS awards under my belt, one of them specifically for editing. Currently living in South London, but available to travel!

Ella Taylor Bristol/Exeter, United Kingdom

Bristol based filmmaker wanting to make her way. Currently at Screenology

Eve Pyra Bristol, United Kingdom

Visual Artist & Animator. I love making interesting projects happen!

James Johnston Melksham, United Kingdom

Technical Filmmaker

Lydia Knibbs Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelance editor | Director | Writer

Sara Kingdom Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelance filmaker; Director, 1ad and camera.

Sonia Wargacka Bristol, United Kingdom

High-end TV Production Coordinator. Credits include Sex Education 4, His Dark Materials, Becoming Elizabeth and Sommaren-85. Also a videographer working globally, social impact enthusiast, film producer, a unicorn.

Tyler Cooper Exeter/Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelance Camera Operator living in the South West

Tyler Wilson Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelancer with personal interest in mental health. (Check out Youtube channel 'Psychotic Movie Database'.) I have experience in filming events, training videos and music videos for clients. I have also directed and presented documentaries

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