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Ben Lawless London/Dublin, United Kingdom

A fresh faced, excitable, hard working actor & musician from Dublin, Ireland. Fresh off the boat in London. Ready to tackle some new & exciting opportunities & projects, all as I polish off my new album.

Edmund C. Short Folkestone/London, United Kingdom

I'm a Northern-born British actor based in Kent/London. With over 10 years of professional acting experience I have credited roles in numerous Films, TV shows, and Commercials.

Bath Theatre Academy Bath, United Kingdom

Theatre Royal Bath’s ambitious partnership with Bath College continues to provide students with an unparalleled insight into the theatre industry.

  • Education
  • Theatre

James Moore United Kingdom

Director, producer, project-maker and arts enthusiast. Mostly theatre.

  • Director
  • Producer

Ashley Green Bath, United Kingdom

My love of acting is grounded in a fascination with people and the human condition. I love playing roles that are very unlike me. Most of my experience is in theatre but I've done one film with Screenology and am VERY keen to do more!

Zafran Ahmed London, United Kingdom

I am an actor based in London who has a deep passion for films and TV acting as well as theatre acting. I have been trained in both of them. I have had a fair bit of experience in theatre and film acting and want to take it to the next step.

DCI Band Bristol, United Kingdom

Dawn Chorus Ignites: Purveyors of cinematic music, instrumental guitar and synth based sonic explorations.

Ethan Parker United Kingdom

I am an actor who has had the pleasure of working in many plays, short films and feature films.

Mikey R Croucher Nailsea, United Kingdom

Hey my name is mikey croucher i love acting And i have done acting before this would be a great opportunity for me to do :)

  • Actor

Beau Diamond Bristol, United Kingdom

Musician, songwriter, composer. I write and record my own music and I'm looking for filmmakers who need someone to score their movies and films. I am also on the lookout for a filmmaker interested in making a music video. Do get in touch!

calloz Wembley, United Kingdom

Video Editor | 2D, 3D animator |

Quantum Infinity Birmignahm, United Kingdom

We are a music duo that is passionate about creating epic and cinematic music for films, trailers, and video games. We met at university where we graduated with a BSc in Music Composition and Technology for Films and Games.

Daniel O'Borne Birmingham, United Kingdom

I am one half of a music duo called Quantum Infinity. We are passionate about creating epic and cinematic music for films, trailers and video games.

Paige Farnham Bristol/Bath, United Kingdom

I am an aspiring actress with some professional experience. I'm interested in getting involved with all types of production.

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