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9 Sep 2024

Master the Art of Pitching

Bristol, United Kingdom


6 weeks from 09 September, 2024

Every Monday evening until 14th October inclusive.

Arrive at 6.30pm for a prompt start at 7pm. Session ends at 9pm.


£225.00 - £280.00


Tabb Hub

78-82 Broadmead
United Kingdom

Ticket type
Super Saver £225.00
(£100.00 deposit)
Sale ended 14 Jul 2024
Early Bird £255.00
(£100.00 deposit)
For sale 24 Jul to 18 Aug 2024
Standard £280.00
(£100.00 deposit)
For sale 01 Aug to 09 Sep 2024

Turn Your Ideas into Reality

Oliver Park has successfully sold pitches to major studios and production companies including New Line CinemaLionsgateAtlas EntertainmentVertigoDecalRatPacMillennium Films and Broken Road.

Join him in this transformative 6-week course where you'll learn practical techniques to expand your creativity, boost your confidence, and master the pitch that will sell your story.

Why Pitching Matters

Pitching is more than just a skill—it's the key to unlocking opportunities in the creative industry. Whether you’re aiming to sell your script, secure funding, attract talent, or gain representation, a powerful pitch can make all the difference. In a competitive landscape where decision-makers hear countless pitches, standing out is crucial. This course is designed to transform your approach to pitching, helping you deliver clear, concise, and captivating stories that leave a lasting impression. 

What You'll Learn

Session 1: Introduction and Key Elements to Pitching

  • My Story: Learn from Oliver Park's journey - including selling pitches to major studios and developing on-going successful projects.
  • Intro to Pitching: Understand the different types, facets and purposes of pitches to guarantee engagement.
  • Q&A Session: Participate in a Q&A to tailor the course to your specific desired outcomes.

Session 2: Creating, Expanding and Targeting

  • Generating Ideas: Discover techniques to create ideas - not just for stories but for compelling pitches.
  • Developing Ideas: Learn how to expand your ideas into fully developed pitches that captivate the audience.

Session 3: Building Pitch Decks

  • Types of Pitch Decks: Explore the various types of pitch deck and their specific uses.
  • Effective Additions: Understand the additions that can enhance your pitch, and how to build them effectively.

Session 4: Getting in the Room

  • Securing Meetings: Discover strategies to secure meetings with agents, producers, and key decision-makers.
  • Understanding Opportunities: Learn about open directing assignments (ODA) and open writing assignments (OWA) to better position your pitch.

Session 5: Honing Your Skills and Pitches (Feedback 1)

  • Direct Feedback: Receive personalised feedback on your pitches to refine and enhance your presentation skills.
  • Skill Development: Focus on developing the confidence and charisma needed to sell your ideas effectively.

Session 6: Honing Your Skills and Pitches (Feedback 2)

  • Further Refinement: Continue receiving direct feedback to polish your pitches.
  • Final Preparations: Prepare to present your pitch with confidence and professionalism, ready to impress industry professionals.

Detailed Course Insights

Understanding the intricacies of pitching is essential for bringing stories to life. This course covers everything from developing your idea into a pitch-ready concept to securing and succeeding in meetings with industry professionals. You’ll learn the nuances of tailoring your narrative to different audiences and the importance of building professional pitch decks.

Oliver will not only walk you through the pitches he has sold, but also the ones that didn’t (and why they didn’t), giving valuable insight, discussing common mistakes, pros and cons, networking, industry language and much more - including how to wow your panel in unique ways like the filmmakers behind these famous titles below:

Who's It For?

  • Writers, Directors, Producers and Actors: Create compelling pitches and sell your stories to studio execs and potential collaborators.
  • Students: Graduate with a project ready to take to the market and pitch.
  • Anyone with an Idea: Learn how to transform your concept into a market-ready product!

Your Course Lead

Oliver Park, a British born writer represented by Gersh in the US and Independent in the UK, brings a wealth of experience to this course. His last feature film (The Offering) reached No.2 in the Apple film charts following its worldwide theatrical release. Oliver is currently developing projects to write and direct films for various producers, including Academy Award Winner Charles Roven (Oppenheimer, Wonder Woman, Uncharted), Walter Hamada (The Conjuring, The Batman, Aquaman), Roy Lee (IT, Barbarian, Don’t Worry Darling, Late Night with the Devil), and is deeply excited to bring the tools he has learnt and crafted to all filmmakers and storytellers. 

Why Enrol?

This course is more than just about learning to pitch; it’s about transforming your approach to storytelling and collaboration.

You’ll gain:

  • Practical Pitching Techniques: Learn step by step processes to craft and present compelling pitches.
  • Confidence and Charisma: Develop the skills to sell yourself and your ideas effectively.
  • Insider Knowledge: Gain valuable insights from an industry professional actively working with major studios and producers.

Course Schedule and Format

  • Duration: 6 weeks.
  • Sessions: Weekly sessions, practical assignments, and one on one feedback.
  • Outcome: By the end of the course, you will have the skills to build and present a pitch effectively.

ScreenSkills Bursary

These courses qualify for the ScreenSkills Bursary scheme, which could entitle you to up to 80% of the course fee, leaving you with only £45 to pay.

The bursary scheme is completely separate from these courses and must be applied for directly with Screenskills. We are unable to guarantee that participants will be given the ScreenSkills Bursary, but the course does fit their criteria.

Find out more about ScreenSkills bursary here.

Line Up

Oliver Park
  • Course Lead
  • I strive to innovate in the horror genre, and to leave audiences eagerly dreading what's next.

    Tabb Hub
  • Venue
  • Bristol city centre’s newest co-working space; Designed for filmmakers and creatives. 10 gig uncontended Internet. Try us out before the end of April 2024 and we'll give you one month absolutely free!

    • Co-working Space


    Louise Latham

    Piano based singer songwriter in the soul and folk pop genre. Released recordings have featured on BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio 2 and other radio stations home and abroad. Currently writing musical theatre/film projects.

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