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25 Apr 2024

Rave On For The Avon | Bristol Aquarium Screening

Bristol, United Kingdom

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Thursday 25 April, 2024

Event Opens: 18:00 BST
Run time: 80 minutes

The cinema entrance is to the rear of Aqarium on Anchor Road.


£7.00 - £25.00


Bristol Aquarium

Anchor Road
United Kingdom

Ticket type
Early Bird Ticket £12.00
Sale ended 11 Apr 2024
Supporter Ticket (Help fundraise the distribution of the film!) £25.00
Sale ends 25 Apr 2024
Standard Ticket £15.00
Sale ends 25 Apr 2024
Under-12s Ticket £7.00
Sale ends 25 Apr 2024

'Rave On For The Avon' Preview Screening at Bristol Aquarium

Experience the heartwarming journey of Bristol’s local community in a captivating feature-length documentary. This unique film, set to screen at Bristol's largest cinema screen, offers a glimpse into the spirited efforts of Bristolians to preserve their beloved bathing spot.

'Rave On For The Avon', which premiered at PYTCH last month, is back for another preview screening on Thursday, 25th April. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Bristol's culture, this documentary showcases the resilience, creativity, and indomitable spirit of Bristolians in the face of environmental challenges.

"It's like being in the middle of some turneresque piece of English countryside. It's stunning and captured beautifully." John Darvall on BBC Radio Bristol

Hosted by ‘Bristol’s coolest person,’ comedian/writer/actress/wildswimmer/all round legend Jayde Adams, the screening will be followed by a Q&A with the film's campaigners Conham Bathers and Director of the film Charlotte Sawyer.

Join the makers of the film for a special preview screening on Thursday, 25th April 2024, at Bristol's former IMAX cinema, hidden within Bristol Aquarium and fall in love with our Avon and the people fighting to protect it, the Bristol way!

Experience the full beauty of the film before its general release on the largest cinema screen in Bristol!

The film will be screened in full length at the former IMAX cinema, now Bristol Aquarium's in-house auditorium.

From 8:30pm, DJ Ngaio & Chiverin will be bringing their beats to the Aquarium's stunning foyer area.

Event Timings:

Note: If attendees wish to visit the Aquarium before the screening, the last entry is at 4pm.

6:00pm Event Start

  • Marvel at Bristol Aquarium's stunning foyer area and visit guest booths with drinks & snacks on sale.


  • Screening Begins


  • Q&A with river campaigners, guests and filmmakers

8:30pm - 11:30pm

  • DJ night and drinks in the Aquarium's stunning tunnels.

Line Up

Charlotte Sawyer
  • Director
  • Speaker
  • Director Charlotte Sawyer will attend the screening as a special guest and participate in a Q&A following the film.

    Aggie Nyagari
  • Producer
  • Speaker
  • Co-Producer Aggie Nyagari will attend the screening as a special guest and participate in a Q&A following the film.

    Jayde Adams
  • Host
  • Writer, actress, singer, producer and multiple award-winning comedian.

    185 Attendees

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    Michael McCall

    Director at Tabb with some fun Bristol-based projects in the works. I'm always looking for creative people to collaborate with!

    Pete Francomb

    Tabb co-founder and Chief Exec. I'd like to help you make your projects happen. I also produce the occasional film.

    Mike Atkins

    Recently arrived in Bristol to start a new life. Looking to connect, converse & collaborate!

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    Bristol-based drone specialist

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    Such a worthy cause and inspiring project. Community and collaboration will save our waterways. We are so fortunate that Bristol has a conscious voice.

    Jo Killick Unpublished

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    Nick Trapp Unpublished

    iesu mawr

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    Hello, happy to chat to anyone, Jenna (my daughter) and I are in the film,

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    Poppy Casey Unpublished

    Rachel Ashwanden Unpublished

    I LOVE THE AVON. We love to swim in it but we've stopped because people were getting sick and it breaks my heart

    Rebecca Ballard Unpublished

    Run Mental Health swims group

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    Yvonne Struthers Unpublished

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