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Aggie Nyagari Bristol, United Kingdom

Film/TV director living in Bristol, England. A great team player, passionate story teller and good problem solver.

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I have worked in various roles in the industry, starting as a grip at the beginning of my career, then morphing into editing and finally directing.

I have worked on productions for other companies, such as the award winning film ‘Lisilojulikana’  as well as created my own productions from scratch, like the short film 'Squeaky Bike'  and web series 'Janjaruka'. (Links attached)

Using the powerful tool of moving images, I try to share stories that help us to reflect on who we are, how we interact, and the impact we have on each other, and mostly draw from real life experience or current affairs where possible.

Ultimately, I like the target audience to feel entertained, so I try to apply humour plus the use of interesting and engaging characters, whilst still communicating an important message. 

A great example is my web series 'Janjaruka', which tackles the subject of living with con and corruption in Nairobi.

I am currently working as a Studio Show Director for GDS group, delivering corporate events in an immersive virtual world and leading interactive experiences.

This role has helped me hone my skills in team-management, script editing, visual mixing, technical directing and ensuring efficient production of content.

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