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Before Dust Returns (Short film, 2023)

A woman makes a realisation about her source of inner peace, and the process is as surreal as the destination is unexpected.

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You can watch the full film here:

Omar Yousaf London, United Kingdom

I am a psychologist, screenwriter, and director, keen to collaborate on shorts and documentaries that portray psychological conflicts, especially in artists.

Eranan Thirumagan Swansea, United Kingdom

Composer, Orchestrator and Music Producer. Writing music for Cinematic and Terrestrial Productions | Concert Works | Video Games | Branding

Matthias Djan Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

I've always been interested in visual story telling looking to evoke meaning and emotion from composition, movement and lighting.

Joanna (Asha) Weiss Bristol, United Kingdom

I am a versatile, easy to work with local actor who's really keen to involve myself with creative projects... I'm always up for a challenge!

Ben Harris Hayes Manchester, United Kingdom

Award-winning multi-instrumentalist audio creative seeking like-minded visual creatives for incredible projects!

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