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Professional Industry Calling Card for Filmmakers, Actors and Creatives

Create your portfolio and explore opportunities within the Tabb network


Highlight Your Talent

Choose from our standard industry tags or add your own. For each skill, state whether you're aspiring or an established professional. Any tags that you evidence in your portfolio will light up blue.

Upload your CV and other documents. Link off to any further websites of your choice - completely open and search engine optimised.

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Build Your Project Portfolio

Add any projects you've been involved in to your portfolio. Give each project a gorgeous cover image. Tabb automagically plays any embedded media directly from your projects.

Embed video from Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook. Embed audio from Soundcloud, Bandcamp or Spotify.

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Find Opportunities

Other Tabb members are constantly posting opportunities for you to express interest in. Any opportunities that match your role tags are emailed to you at intervals of your choice. Many of the opportunities are collaborative but we get paid opportunities too. You can choose to only be notified of paid opportunities if you wish.

You can also just message people directly. "I love your work. Fancy a coffee?"

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Efficiently Share Portfolios

If another Tabb member has already added a project, you can just join it - no need to add your own! You'll get an "automagic version". If you then change your version, this won't impact the original - particularly great for team members that regularly work together.

You can also credit others on your projects - each project shows the full project team.

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Add Gorgeous Galleries

Give your profile some extra pazzazz by adding a gallery above your portfolio. For actors, headshots. For creatives and crew, behind the scenes images. For everyone, stills from key scenes.

You can also add galleries to projects for selected stills, behind-the-scenes photos, mood boards...

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Fully Mobile Responsive

We consider Tabb to be an app, not just a website.

Every aspect is fully mobile responsive including administering your profile and portfolio, expressing interest in opportunities and messaging other members.

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