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Professional Industry Calling Card for Filmmakers, Actors and Creatives

Create your portfolio and explore opportunities within the Tabb network


Open Messaging

With a Standard account, any Tabb member can message you - and anyone can become a member. However, they do have to sign up and publish a basic profile first.

With Tabb Solo, you can allow a potential client or associate to message you in two clicks without signing up - just like a typical website contact form.

You can also sidestep our restrictions on messaging others and link people directly to an external site rather than to your Tabb profile.

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Highlight Links in Bio

With a Standard account, any Tabb member can display links to external sites at the top of their profile. However, these links are subtle and within a "More Details" section, which isn't shown until a visitor chooses to show it.

With Tabb Solo, you can highlight links to external sites and turn your profile into the centre of your web presence.

You can even turn your Tabb portfolio into just one of the options behind a link if you wish.

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Choose Who Can See You

As we say above, one thing you can do with Tabb Solo is make your profile more open. However, you can also go the opposite way and make it more private if you wish.

As a Solo member, you can:

  1. Operate in "stealth mode" and only interact with selected members.
  2. Avoid a potential barrage of messages from aspiring filmmakers.
  3. Keep your Tabb profile from being indexed by search engines.

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Categorise Your Projects

As a Standard Tabb member, you can add as many projects as you wish to your portfolio.

As a Solo member, you can place these projects into categories (e.g. "Commercials", "Drama", "Documentary" etc.) and allow visitors to filter by those categories.

You can also show a different primary/showreel project per category and choose the category that's first shown when visitors arrive (e.g. "Highlights").

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Secure Your Projects

As a Standard Tabb member, all your portfolio projects are public.

As a Solo member, you have two extra security options, the second being the most secure:

  1. Make projects "secret" - only viewable by those you choose to send a secret link.
  2. Make projects "exclusive" - only viewable by those Tabb members you specifically select.

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Drop Unwanted Branding

We keep things pretty clean and subtle even for Standard Tabb members.

As a Solo member, however, there are a few extra things you can do.

You can lose the "Top Associates" section at the top of your profile - just in case some of your associates are also competitors! And you can also lose the global "Tabb Supporters" section at the base.

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