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Comprehensive Team-Forming Platform for Producers and Casting Directors

Advertise opportunites for cast or crew. Manage, respond to and select candidates


Advertise Opportunities

Create opportunities on your projects using our guided form.

If you make the opportunity public, relevant Tabb members will be notified and we’ll share them on our wider social networks. Or keep them "secret" and only share them with organisations of your choice.

You can offer whatever you wish as remuneration - straight cash, profit share, skill swap or collab.

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Manage Candidates

See all candidates for a role in one simple-to-manage list. Give candidates a status of "Not right" or "Shortlisted". Respond to expressions of interest from within the Tabb message centre.

Use bulk messaging to mail out audition or interview dates, or to reply to unsuccessful candidates in one go with a gentle "Not this time" message. Easily place a successful candidate on the project.

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Big Up Your Project

For quick turnaround opportunities, we have a "quick post" option.

However, Tabb really comes into its own when you have a little more time to present the parent project in its best light and in doing so, attract the top talent.

Give the project a gorgeous cover image and a mood board gallery. Upload the treatment and/or script.

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Profile Your Team

Nobody wants to be the first in on a project - everyone wants to get on a train that's moving.

As soon as you have a team, show it!

Keep the project detail page updated with the growing team as your project develops.

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Communicate with Your Team

Use Tabb's "team messaging" features to keep team members appraised of the latest developments.

As the project develops, share announcements, scripts, shot lists, call sheets or any other relevant documents.

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Fully Mobile Responsive

We consider Tabb to be an app, not just a website.

Every aspect is fully mobile responsive including administering your profile and portfolio, expressing interest in opportunities and messaging other members.

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