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Comprehensive Team-Forming Platform for Producers and Casting Directors

Advertise opportunites for cast or crew. Manage, respond to and select candidates


Share Project Administration

With a Standard account, anyone can join a project team and modify their own version of that project.

With Tabb Solo, you make teammates administrators of the original/master project.

Probably the most significant benefit of doing so is that you can then share the process of managing and shortlisting applicants for your opportunities.

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Make Opportunities Secret

As a Standard Tabb member, all your opportunities are public.

As a Solo member, you can make opportunities "secret" - only viewable by those you choose to send a secret link.

Take advantage of all Tabb's administrative functions without revealing the opportunity to anyone you'd rather not.

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Keep Opportunities Private

If secret opportunities aren't secure enough for you, you can make them "exclusive" - only viewable by those Tabb members you specifically select.

You might want to start by offering an opportunity to a select few members, then if necessary send out a secret link to a few more possibilities, then finally advertise it publicly if you have to.

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Manage Contacts

As a Standard Tabb member, you can add any other member to your back office contacts and add a note - as a convenient way of keeping tabs on your favourites.

As a Solo member, you can:

  1. Add and manage contacts that aren't on Tabb.
  2. Tag your contacts and filter by those tags.
  3. Create and manage "smart lists" - for example, to use as a sales funnel for potential clients.
  4. Mark contacts "to be avoided". From that point on they won't see you or any of your activity, and you won't see them.

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Remain Anonymous

As a Standard Tabb member, your profile is public.

As a Solo member, you can:

  1. Operate in "stealth mode" and only interact with selected members.
  2. Surreptitiously cherry pick from our talent base.
  3. Avoid a barrage of messages from aspiring filmmakers.
  4. Keep your Tabb profile from being indexed by search engines.

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Drop Unwanted Branding

We keep things pretty clean and subtle even for Standard Tabb members.

As a Solo member, however, there are a few extra things you can do.

You can lose the "Top Associates" section at the top of your profile - just in case some of your associates are also competitors! And you can also lose the global "Tabb Supporters" section at the base.

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