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Terrible (Short film)

Extreme fear can lead to extremely bad choices.

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Mara is fearful - all the time. It's quite normal for people to experience anxiety sometimes, but if Mara thinks someone might have hacked her email account, she quite simply can't see. She also struggles to trust anyone. So when her boyfriend breaks up with her and a work colleague she considered a friend tells her she isn't, things start to go a little wrong for Mara. She avidly reads books about serial killers to try to understand them better, but she slowly starts to wonder if there isn't something more useful to be gleaned from all that reading. 


Actor | Mara
(Female, 30 to 35 years old)

Role status:


In return for:

GBP £120 per day

Travel, food and snacks covered


4 days from 30 August, 2023

Filming dates are TBC, but should be from the 30th of August to the 2nd of September


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Mara is attractive but hides it with no make-up and masculine clothes. She has an almost skateboarder tomboy style to her on casual days, but wears suitable art gallery/office attire in the week. She’s an incredibly approachable person and always seems kind and ready to help, but this exterior hides an extremely anxious, fearful individual.

Please note that the character goes in the shower in her underwear in one scene. The talent will be able to discuss the scene with the producer and the director to make sure they are comfortable with the scene, the camera angles etc, prior to filming. No nudity.

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