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Terrible (Short film)

Extreme fear can lead to extremely bad choices.

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Mara is fearful - all the time. It's quite normal for people to experience anxiety sometimes, but if Mara thinks someone might have hacked her email account, she quite simply can't see. She also struggles to trust anyone. So when her boyfriend breaks up with her and a work colleague she considered a friend tells her she isn't, things start to go a little wrong for Mara. She avidly reads books about serial killers to try to understand them better, but she slowly starts to wonder if there isn't something more useful to be gleaned from all that reading. 

Rachel Saunders Bristol, United Kingdom

A filmmaker who has arrived at her current destination via Script Supervising and Costume Departmenting over the course of some 25 years. Delighted to have finally arrived at writing and directing and excited about the upcoming projects.

  • Primary Admin
  • Director
  • Writer

Pete Francomb Bath, United Kingdom

Tabb co-founder and Chief Exec. I'd like to help you make your projects happen. I also produce the occasional film.

Dan Fox Bristol, United Kingdom

Cinematographer currently based in Bristol, UK.

Lewis Townley Gloucester/Cardiff, United Kingdom

A sound designer, editor and recordist based in the South West. Loves working on character driven dramas, as well as films with a strong focus on visual and audio storytelling.

Daniel J. Manners Bristol, United Kingdom

2nd AC - Bristol Based - Available Anywhere

Frankie Ashcroft Bristol, United Kingdom

I am a spark/lighting trainee with experience primarily in short films and commercials. I am passionate about technical problem-solving with creative thinking, and opportunities to develop my training on the job.

Poppy Shepheard Bristol/South West, United Kingdom

Using my passion for the world of makeup, I create high quality silicone prosthetics and props for film, television and productions. Skills also include but not limited to application, all makeup, hair cutting and styling, and special FX.

Sarah-Hoor Aboubakar Cardiff, United Kingdom

Tell me what you want and I'll make it happen! Trust me.

Ellie Spooner Unpublished

  • Actor (Girl / Voice of Docter)

Ada Stachura Unpublished

  • Script Supervisor

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