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VACANT (Short film, 2023)

Two scrabble-enthusiasts conduct interviews for a new flat-mate, the outcome of each interaction and their reactions to the personalities influencing their game

Full Project Team and Needs
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Sarah and Martin are looking for someone to occupy their vacant spare room. But the process is draining, dull, long and seemingly painful. Nobody seems to fit. The scenes play out in a comedic sequence with humour injected in every interaction and their reactions to the quirky, eccentric and unusual characters that show up, all the while finding words to put down on their scrabble board which seems to sum up each experience nicely.



Role status:

Closed on 22 November, 2022

In return for:

GBP £200 per day

Invoice at the end of shoot, to be paid within 5 working days.


1 day from 07 January, 2023

Filming only in one day but will need to meet for pre-production planning and to discuss terms. Would prefer an in-person meet up with the chosen DOP


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Looking for someone to help create a short film VACANT which we hope to film in the start of 2023.

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