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The Archer (Short film)

Set in the same "Universe" as The Execution. A solo Archer is offered a chance to join a well-established Tribe but she must prove herself worthy

Full Project Team and Needs


Actor | The Chief
(Female, 21 to 35 years old)

Role status:

Closed on 07 April, 2024

In return for:

Undecided, to be discussed

Food and rink will always be provided on required days


6 days

3 days before June 2024. 3 shoot days in Summer 2024


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

Fanatasy Project

The Chief is a fierce leader of a forest tribe, rulling with an iron fist, all her followers fear her. A decendant from an ancient race of royal blood, she is on a quest to rule the lands of the south and destroy anyone who she believes to be a threat to her rule.

(African or Asian Heritage only)

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