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Benjamin Martyn Wheeler Cardiff, United Kingdom

Welsh DP with an Arri Alexa Mini shoot package. After establishing his skillset in VFX on BBC's His Dark Materials, he has gone on to shoot for the show and other BBC programming. When able to, he shoots for smaller Welsh productions.

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“Ben and I worked as a VFX Unit, picking up plates, sprites and crowd rep for His Dark Materials S3 and I would not work with anyone else. His plate work was fantastic, sharp and evocative but more importantly, his technical knowledge of lenses, postprocessing, and colour pipeline was crucial for VFX work! “

- Al Kang, Framestore

“As a VFX super, Ben is my go-to VFX DP, he knows his camera and VFX stuff inside out. In every task I have given him, he has excelled.”

- Sean Varney, Bad Wolf

“Ben is a professional. His style and conduct are assured and calm which worked well with the atmosphere I try to cultivate on set. Ben’s expertise and knowledge of equipment is invaluable. I like to storyboard every frame before filming, and I was able to have multiple meetings with Ben to talk through the shoot. We were able to plan for the shoot days and discuss visual aesthetic in extreme detail before shooting a frame. Working with Ben felt natural.”

- Evan Preston, Presto Films

“Ben is not only a major asset because of his skills, his knowledge and professionalism, he's also a joy to work with because he's patient, hard working and has a super positive attitude! A real pleasure to be around.”

- Aggie Nyagari-Salt, Flick 7 Pictures

“He is an exceptional human being, with outstanding insight and dedication. Anyone would be lucky to have Ben on their team.”

- Lydia Hughes, The Orange Circus Band

“Ben is a constant professional in all circumstances. Ben stepped in to lens one of my films when the previous DoP dropped out and immediately brought a level of polish, talent & eye for the shot that is hard to come by. After working with him once, I will hire Ben again, as he is the perfect asset to any camera team. From his sophisticated knowledge of light to his familiarity with the editing process, his expertise made it easy to communicate and execute complicated shot sequences. This a critical skill when under tight shooting schedules. But most importantly, while working with Ben, he was kind, friendly and on time every time.”

- Luke Furmage

“Benjamin was employed by myself to film a short video project for our section, this summer. I was very impressed with his punctuality and reliability. He was also very communicative and responsive, always being sure to keep me in the loop with plans etc. Benjamin was impeccably polite and friendly and always made the interviewees feel at ease whilst they were being filmed. Benjamin was hardworking and always paid excellent attention to detail when filming, this is clearly displayed throughout the footage. I was massively impressed with his technical knowledge of videography. It was not hard to trust that the end product would appear heart-warming and professional, which is what we were aiming for. Benjamin was always sure to check that I was happy with certain details but when asked for his professional opinion he was not afraid to be honest or give guidance. I would definitely recommend Benjamin for any work of this nature. He would be an asset to any company / project. I’m sure he has a very bright future ahead of him.”

- Sue Reed, Swansea Council

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