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Smugglers: A Star Wars Story (Feature film)

A group of Smugglers complete one last job in a galaxy full of deceit and danger around every corner.

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Smugglers: A Star Wars Story is an original story, written by Matt RD Binnington, set within George Lucas' universe of Star Wars. The same universe you love, but with all-new characters to fall in love with. Smugglers will take you on a ride through the highs and lows, and the ins and outs of the criminal underbelly of the Star Wars universe. So strap in, and prepare to go to light-speed straight into a brand new adventure. Releasing Summer 2020.

Sarah-Hoor Aboubakar Cardiff, United Kingdom

Tell me what you want and I'll make it happen! Trust me.

Matt RD Binnington Gosport/Portsmouth/Isle Of Wight, United Kingdom

Aspiring Writer/Director based in Southwest, UK. Graduated 2:1 BA Hons from Screenology Film School.

Michael McGrath Bristol/Birmingham, United Kingdom

An energetic and enthusiastic creative finding his feet in the film industry. Currently studying at Screenology Film School with a focus on Production.

Jonathan Price (JP) North Wales, United Kingdom

Director of photography from north Wales

Richard Sullivan Bristol/Cardiff/London/Anywhere, United Kingdom

Experienced actor with several film and tv credits. I’m 52, an American living in Bristol and have a playing age of 35-45. Physical fit and have several unique skill sets, stunts, stage combat and firearms training.

Gemma Louise Elliott Bristol, United Kingdom

Specialising in art department such as: Theatre, Film and music videos.

Eleanor Fulford Bristol, United Kingdom

Costume lady and occasional MUA with a love for drag, horror and period dress. I would love to use my skills to help with your project!

Alex Russo Oxford, United Kingdom

As an aspiring young actor, I've always wanted to be able to inspire and uplift the audience, be that on camera or on-stage. At this point in my life I feel ready to blossom into a professional and chameleonic actor.

Josh Alexander Bristol, United Kingdom

Experienced and passionate actor. Open to any role, no matter how challenging or diverse. There's no such thing as a small role!

Mark Horton Bristol, United Kingdom

20 years experience in brand strategy, marketing and design. Trained as an actor with Mark McGann and Alison Mazenec. Now also working as a producer utilising AI.

Sash Lake Box/Bath/Bristol, United Kingdom

I'm very passionate about acting! I've been involved in a variety of independent films. I also love to practice martial arts. I'd like to connect with people and get involved in more projects. 🙂

Amina Williams Bristol, United Kingdom

  • Location Sound Recordist
  • Acting Extra

Elijah Gayton Bristol, United Kingdom

Aspiring filmmaker hoping to make it into the Film industry. Love any film with drama, action or comedy. Hoping to work as an Editor,

  • Production Assistant

Joshua Thorpe Unconfirmed

Aspiring English documentary filmmaker and freelance photographer living in Bristol - 2020 Film Graduate

  • Director Of BTS

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