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Piece's Of My Life (Stage, 2024)

Piece's Of My Life was developed from being asked to create a journal by my counsellor, after experiencing a bereavement. Cathartic & inspiring.

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I first came across Kirris’s writing last year and was very impressed by his potential. His first script took an important social and political issue and gave it heart and soul. Not easy to do. He wrote from his own experience, respected the truth of the real life story and made sure that he had spoken to the relatives of the people whose story he wanted to tell. All of this shows commitment and respect for the process. I believe he has the potential to become a professional screenwriter. He lacks technique - he’s just starting out - but things like structure, formatting, the importance of conflict and drama can be taught. Kirris has talent and is instinctive. He is a voice that deserves to be heard. He’d benefit enormously from training, professional input, and financial help to nurture and develop his fledgling talent and I have no doubt that he would meet this challenge head down and commit totally to learning his craft.

Yours Sincerely, Andrea Gibb Bafta nominated film and Television Screenwriter Member of the WGGB film committee Link to agent. Nick Marston at Curtis Brown.

I read an early draft of “Boycott” by Kirris Riviere with great interest. This story of racial discrimination in Bristol in the 1960s and how the black community rallied to overcome the bigotry of the employers has great resonance today - and Kirris, as a black writer in Bristol, brings an understanding and perspective that is both intimate and instructive. I was impressed by his understanding of character and story. Where I had questions about structure, I found Kirris was ready to engage with the mechanics of script-development. I believe he would benefit so much from working with an excellent mentor: he has so much potential and a passion for writing for the theatre. As a long-established scriptwriter myself, I know that learning the craft is a continual work-in-progress - writers need support and encouragement to hone each draft of a play. I believe Kirris is well-deserving of that support and encouragement.

Best wishes Catherine Johnson 

Directed by 

Robin Belfield 

Music by

Claire Sibley 

Kirris Riviere Bristol, United Kingdom

Kirris Riviere Actor. Musician Blues Singer, Songwriter. Screenwriter and Director.

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