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Iris (Short film, 2021)

ENCOUNTERS OFFICIAL SELECTION - Before embarking on a trip, a man learns of the death of a family member. He unveils his isolating pain to us through movement.

Maddie Bowers Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol based indie film writer/director/producer.

Sam Anghelides Bristol/Southampton, United Kingdom

I do a little bit of everything to do w/ film. Known by some as 'Sam Angl' and others as 'who?'.

Liam Wallace Cardiff, United Kingdom

All round creative. Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher of a mixture of different dance styles.

Benjamin Tate Bristol, United Kingdom

Benjamin is a Director of Photography based in Bristol. Currently available for projects.

Gemma Louise Elliott Bristol, United Kingdom

Specialising in art department such as: Theatre, Film and music videos.

Dominika Latusek London, United Kingdom

Sound Designer for Film, TV and Games. NFTS Alumni. Classical/Crossover & Session Violinist.

Daniel Curtis Bristol/Oxford/London, United Kingdom

1st AD/Director. Please actually read my call sheets, I make them for a reason.

Dermot Fleming Bristol, United Kingdom

I've worked on multiple projects from music videos, feature films and awarding winning short films. I own my own equipment as well as a car to transport it

Elise Brindley Bristol, United Kingdom

Screenwriter, film blogger and producer based in Bristol with a basis in feminist cult horror. Currently working full time as a diary manager in a photography studio with some availability for creative projects.

Kyle Borg Bristol/Worthing/London, United Kingdom

I can talk your ear off about Narrative theory, that's probably why my colleagues like killing me in their films...

Ollie Uglow United Kingdom

Videographer at Superdry, freelance videographer & editor working internationally. Never hesitate to get in contact with me through one of the links below.

Deepraj Singh Unpublished

Dance artist based in the southwest, choreographer, dancer, teacher and avid improviser

Richard Lang Unclaimed