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Lore (Feature film, 2012)

During the aftermath of World War II, five destitute German siblings must travel 900 km (560 mi) to their grandmother's home by the Bay of Husum.

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Edge City Films/Rohr Film/Porchlight


In south-west Germany, during the aftermath of World War II, five destitute siblings must travel 900 km (560 mi) to their grandmother's home by the Bay of Husum near Hamburg after their high-level Nazi parents disappear in the face of certain arrest by Allied occupation authorities. Along the way, they encounter a variety of other Germans, some of whom are helpful while others are antagonistic. Eventually they meet up with a young man who has been pretending to be Thomas, a young Jewish concentration camp survivor, who joins their group and becomes their unofficial guardian.

Robin Mukherjee Bath, United Kingdom

Award-winning scriptwriter who's written extensively for television, radio, theatre and film.

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