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Invite (Short film, 2019)

A one scene drama about a woman asking her estranged brother to come to her wedding.

Sophie Foxley Bristol/Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

Shropshire & Bristol based producer & 1st AD. Particularly interested in comedy & LGBT content.

Matthew Gilpin Bristol, United Kingdom

An award-winning Writer/Director, Editor and sometimes actor.

Connor Bickford Bristol/Plymouth, United Kingdom

Freelance Production Sec, Location Assistant or Covid Supervisor.

Izzy Greenslade Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Creator at Base Sixteen / Studying at Screenology. Eager to develop my camera skills further and always enjoy working with set design.

Amber Grieve Bristol, United Kingdom

Visual & Sonic Artist, Sound Designer and Dubbing Mixer

Jack Eastman Bristol/Hastings, United Kingdom

An eager film student looking to work on sound recording, mixing and production.

Michael McGrath Bristol/Birmingham, United Kingdom

An energetic and enthusiastic creative finding his feet in the film industry. Currently studying at Screenology Film School with a focus on Production.

Danny Chase Unclaimed

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