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Fourteen (Short film, 2019)

Fourteen writers. Fourteen actors. Fourteen tales of love, revenge, the obscure, the mundane and the profound. Tales of hope, tales of hopelessness…

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Fourteen writers. Fourteen actors. Fourteen short films about the intricacies, curiosities and preoccupations of modern life. Tales of love, tales of revenge, tales of the obscure, the mundane and the profound. Tales of hope, tales of hopelessness…

As a collective, the Theatre Royal Bath Writers’ Group meet monthly at the theatre and this is their first joint screenwriting project; a beautiful and moving collection of short stories shot, produced and edited over the space of just two weeks by the extraordinary film-makers of Bristol’s Screenology.

The short films will be screened in one sitting and comprise:

It’s All Good by Brian Coyle

Mouthy by Clare Reddaway

Clown Boy by Debbie Beale

Defensive Wounds by Dom Rowe

Fake News by Elaine Miles

Just A Quick Call by Fran Landsman

Third Date by Hattie Taylor

Bench Press by John Reynolds

Cats by Matt Grinter

The Intern by Melanie Delargy

The Monster by Milo Morris

Scar Tissue by Nikki Lloyd

Touch & Go by Pippa Gladhill

Tits Up by Sarah Curwen


Áine De Siún, Alice Grace, Ben Wilson, Beth Collins, David Newman, Florence Espeut-Nickless, Jennie Harris, Jon Monie, Lisa Beattie, Olamiposi Ayorinde, Peter Clifford, Rosie Oates, Sean Mulkerrin, Suzanne Kendall

Joe Spurgeon Bristol, United Kingdom

A producer, dreamer and make happener of theatre and film projects

Hannah Entwistle Jones Bristol, United Kingdom

Energetic, creative freelance producer / project manager, oscillating seamlessly between the worlds of theatre and film.

Jessica Jones Bristol, United Kingdom

Production designer, set dresser, art director and all round crafty creative.

Matt Sheahan Bristol, United Kingdom

Comedy actor, writer & performer with the critically acclaimed comedy act, The Real MacGuffins. (The rest of the time I'm managing a series of websites, proving content and digital strategy.)

Sam Healey Bristol, United Kingdom

Screenology Graduate and now Assistant Sound Technician.

Sara Kingdom Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelance filmaker; Director, 1ad and camera.

Milo-Jane Morris Bath/Bristol, United Kingdom

Nonbinary trans woman. I don’t write about the world as it is, but as it should be. My directing style is a tribute act to 1920s agitprop theatre. If you ask me to adapt a book be warned I will make all the characters lesbians or vampires.

Nikki Lloyd Frome, United Kingdom

I write scripts, screenplays, short stories. Leicestershire born and bred, I now live in Frome with my family. Previously selected for Creative England's South West Talent Module, has produced 3 shorts & my first feature.

Amber Grieve Bristol, United Kingdom

Visual & Sonic Artist, Sound Designer and Dubbing Mixer

Lina Maria Higuera Bristol, United Kingdom

Spanish filmmaker and Director of Photography.

Izzy Greenslade Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Creator at Base Sixteen / Studying at Screenology. Eager to develop my camera skills further and always enjoy working with set design.

James Johnston Melksham, United Kingdom

Technical Filmmaker

Ria Bale Bristol, United Kingdom

Freelance Runner & Editor based in Bristol

Rory Ahanan Bristol, United Kingdom

DIT/Editor from Cornwall but now in Bristol.

Vivian Barton Bristol, United Kingdom

Hot fire writer director editor

Alice Grace Bath/Bristol/London, United Kingdom

David Newman Bristol, United Kingdom

Filmmaker, actor, writer and part-time raconteur.

Jon Monie Bath, United Kingdom

Highly experienced and versatile actor, presenter, comedian, voiceover artist and scriptwriter.

Olamiposi Ayorinde Ireland/Bristol, United Kingdom

I like to play with sounds and make pictures move

Peter Clifford Bristol, United Kingdom

Graduated Manchester polytechnic drama school 1989 and has earned all his living as an actor in theatre, radio and tv. Also a magician (close- up and stage) and magical advisor for theatre and tv (for Derren Brown and David Blaine).

Sean Mulkerrin Exeter/Bristol/Greater london, United Kingdom

Enthusiastic and willing to be part of any project! My only stipulation is an arrangement for travel expenses, as taking time off work to do projects is fine but extremely draining on finance.

Suzanne Kendall Bath/Bristol/London, United Kingdom

Alex Garbutt Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol based film lover with camera and audio experience.

Giordana Russo Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol based screenwriter.

Jack Eastman Bristol/Hastings, United Kingdom

An eager film student looking to work on sound recording, mixing and production.

Jacob Pantastico Bryant Bristol, United Kingdom

Jacob is a videographer and sound techie based in Bristol.

Cleave Redford-Lane Bristol, United Kingdom

My main passions are writing, directing and editing comedy sketches as I find laughter is the best medicine for the grim bits of life. I also love to make documentaries as well because I love learning about other people’s perspectives

Cressida Williams Unconfirmed

/Experimental/ filmmaker currently studying @ Screenology

Daniel James Bristol, United Kingdom

Director | Editor | Photographer based in Bristol, United Kingdom, visually telling stories and influencing the world.

Deb Beale Unclaimed

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