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Dance of the Wind (Feature film, 1997)

A budding Indian classical singer loses her mother and then her voice. Only as she begins teaching a young street urchin does she begin to find it again.

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Pandora Films/Illuminations/Elephant Eye


Pallavi (Kitu Gidwani), a budding Indian classical singer, is the daughter and student of celebrated classical singer, Karuna Devi (Kapila Vatsyayan). While she was still gaining her confidence, her mother dies suddenly. Due this shock Pallavi loses not just her bearings, but also her voice. Subsequently, she also loses her career, her students, and her husband (Bhaveen Gosain).

It is only after she meets a young street urchin, Tara (Roshan Bano) and starts teaching her, following the guru-shishya parampara (Master-student tradition) of Indian classical music, as her mother once did with her, does she begin to finds herself again, and also her voice.

Awards and Reviews

Winner: Audience Award London Film Festival.

Critics List: Venice Film Festival.

Winner: Best Actress, Nantes Film Festival

Winner: Best Asian Film, Rotterdam Film Festival

Winner: Best Music, Chicago International Film Festival. 

"Extremely beautiful both in terms of its visuals and its classical Indian music ... simple, elegant and resonant.” TIME OUT.

“Compelling cinematography and sensitive performances.” TOTAL FILM.

“A little gem of a film.” EMPIRE

“The most soothing and beautiful of films.” THE INDEPENDENT.

Robin Mukherjee Bath, United Kingdom

Award-winning scriptwriter who's written extensively for television, radio, theatre and film.

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