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Building a film crew on Tabb (Web video, 2021)

How to build your next film crew on Tabb, in just 4 minutes.

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Insert more details here - they make all the difference when attracting potential crew members!

Demo Production House Bristol, United Kingdom

A demonstration brand profile made by Tabb to show how you can assemble a team!

Tea M. Builder Bristol, United Kingdom

Professional crisp. Freelance Director. A project shared is a project maximised. Bringing people together, collating inspiring teams. Creator of gripping tutorial videos.

Jade Demo United Kingdom

Screenwriter, big thinker, supervisor of scripts. Recent film graduate. Enjoy turning big ideas into small moments.

Riley Demo Guernsey, United Kingdom

I see life in oranges and blues. Especially enjoy working on colourful, light-hearted films.

Alan Stronaut Houston, United States

Alan is a demo Tabb account used during tutorials. Check out his account to see what you can do with your profile and Tabb Solo!

Toby Demo East London, United Kingdom

Experienced voice actor, known for gravely tones. London based RP, native Northerner. Good accents, takes direction well. Own microphone.

Marianne Demo Venice, Italy

Sound is there to be mixed, mixed well!

Dante Demo Toronto, Canada

I’ve got big arms and I’m more than prepared to use them. Passionate about recording exceptional and insightful sound.

Beck Demo Dublin, Ireland

Green screen and CGI specialist. Experience on big budget blockbusters, but enjoy indie work too. No job too small! (It’s probably a lot bigger than you’d imagine anyway, if its VFX.)

Marcus Demo Manchester, United Kingdom

Film is light and I love lighting films. People always think i’m a football manager when i say I’m a ‘gaffer.’ I can do far more than that.

Darren Demo Nottingham, United Kingdom

Recent graduate, looking to gain experience on more professional sets.

Jean Demo Northampton, United Kingdom

Bristol based freelance editor. Sucker for a jump cut. Passionate about helping filmmakers realise their creative visions.

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