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Pretty City (Semi-Short Film/Potential TV Pilot)

"A blindfold of stardom shields television star Chell Heartgrove from reality, how will she cope when her blindfold is gone?'

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Hello, talented people of TV and Film! We are seeking a Line Producer to join myself (Writer/Executive Producer), Jen Lim (Director/Executive Producer) and Jocelyn Laracuentein (Associate Producer) in the exciting production opportunity of a semi-short dystopian film with the potenital of acting as a Pilot for a TV series.

Pretty City covers a variety of the worsening social and moral issues, some that are atrociously overlooked in the media; from the climate crisis, to the exploitation of women and girls in the entertainment industry - these are just two of many that are composed into a narrative which follows television darling, Chell Heartgrove, who gets a harsh reality check after a life-changing mistake which costs her everything, forcing her back to her roots. We explore and expose frighteningly very real and very now issues which need the attention Pretty City shines on them.

This project takes inspiration from the unique Sci-Fi elements of Black Mirror and combines it with a captivating close-following narrative of an emotionally evolving protagonist such as the notable Hunger Games series. This is a near-dystopian reality which is becoming more feasible by the day. We have a passion for being a voice for those unheard, and spreading awareness on the most important matters continuing to affect our modern society.

We see this as a great opportunity to meet and form long term collaborations with likeminded filmmakers and are reaching out with the aim of making this a high-quality professional production.

If you're interested to learn more about Pretty City and joining our team, then please do drop me a message! We very much look forward to hearing from you. Pitch Deck and/or Screenplay is available at your request.

Please DO NOT message me if you are not interested in the roles mentioned. Though I very much appreciate your interest, a separate post will be created for you further down the line (keep an eye out).

Stay creative!

Amy Eve South East, United Kingdom

South-east based screenwriter (UK). I work within both short and feature productions. Though I write an array of different themes and genres, my main interest lies within Sci-Fi and Fantasy (young adult/adult audiences)

Jen Lim London, United Kingdom

Filmmaker, photographer and all round creative looking to work on exciting new projects!

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