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Vicki Helyar Somerset/London, United Kingdom

As a filmmaker and actor, I'm fascinated by the human condition and thrive on giving characters the space to breathe, to explore emotion naturalistically, often by way of spontaneous-feeling dialogue and interplay.

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Playing age:

25 to 35 years


5' 4" (1.63m)

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With often a humourous yet destitute slant, as a filmmaker I like to explore characters with difficult personality traits, mental health struggles and issues overcoming circumstantial adversities, frequently treading the line between comedy and drama.

From the inception of my interest and love of film, I'd seen few female MAIN characters on screen and, as an actor, had my share of negative experiences with underwritten, two-dimensional, stereotypical supporting roles. Yet women are not the support, subplot or visual prop to their own life - they are the interesting, well-rounded, meaty main character with a story worth telling. I believe that on-screen storytelling has often failed to represent this, and still has a way to go. With my current project's, I endeavour to put different, engaging, entertaining, interesting characters and stories on screen.

I also like to hone in on my home county of Somerset (and the surrounding areas) and to work with South West actors and crew.

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