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Tomás Ferreira United Kingdom

Tomás Ferreira is a portuguese filmmaker, working to establish himself as a writer-director, through a career path in editing.

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From an early age, Tomás showed a deep interest in the arts, particularly cinema, nurturing a fascination with character and world building. Interested in suspenseful dramas and alternative cinema, as a writer-director, he seeks to delicately explore mysterious atmospheres that slowly unravel, provoking the viewer with his stories about identity and tribulations caused by perturbed feelings of self-esteem, shame and loneliness experienced by his characters.

Tomás Ferreira’s passion for writing soon developed during his bachelor degree at Lisbon Theatre and Film School, where he matured his storytelling voice through specialization on Screenwriting and Editing, before going onto his first director endeavours in 2021, during his Masters in Film Directing at the University of South Wales in the UK (Cardiff).

Tomás wrote, directed and edited both documentary and fiction projects, being known among his peers for the precision in his decisions, creative thinking, firm communication abilities and both self-initiative and collaborative spirit. Experienced in Adobe Premiere Pro, Media Encoder and Davinci Resolve, he has technical comprehension of the post-production workflow to where he brings his narrative sensitivity, managing audio-visual material to create an appealing final project.

In May 2020, “Alone Voices”, his short documentary reflecting over life during the first pandemic lockdown was promoted by the Portuguese film critic, João Lopes. In 2020, he also co-wrote a short film accepted for a creative supporting programme at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. In 2021 and 2022, he wrote and directed as well as edited three new short films, two of them undergoing submissions for film festivals.

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