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Simon Harvey Williams Bristol, United Kingdom

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Alongside Phil John, Simon Harvey Williams co-founded the New Writing Company with three other writers and a producer in the early 2000’s. Over three years the company wrote and produced shows in most of Bristol’s major venues – cumulating in a sell-out week of the company’s show The Outsider at the QEH Theatre.

He co-founded Darkstuff Productions with Phil in 2009 with the aim of taking theatre out of traditional spaces and trying to reach people who believed theatre ‘wasn’t for them’. After over ten years on since its formation, and with the addition of Creative Producer Rebecca Megson Smith as the third full time member of the team, Simon is more excited than ever about the company’s future plans/direction.

Outside of Darkstuff, Simon has worked with Mega Events to help stage their popular Festival of the Dead and Carnival of Light events. He also was one of the writers for the 2011 Bath 24-Hour Play production, and is currently working on a full length theatre script.

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