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SHOT STOP Craft Services United Kingdom

SHOT STOP Craft Services provide Film & TV cast and crew with premium Lavazza espresso coffee, teas, hot chocolates, fresh healthy infusions, milkshakes and smoothies plus nibbles - All served from the back of a dinky Piaggio van!

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Our coffee van's small footprint together with self-contained on-board equipment allows us to serve, made-to-order refreshments, within close proximity of the set - be that inside or outside a studio sound stage, remote locations, middle of a wood, or a small mews street in the city - even in between tech vehicles! 

No more cold coffee, unless you want a Frappe, which we can also make! 

Great for day shoots, multiple locations, remote locations, technical pre-calls, and night shoots; One day, one week, or the whole shoot, we can meet your requirements.

Please visit at our new website, find out more about our experience and what we can offer.

From our experience, some of the benefits of providing premium, made-to-order, refreshments to your crew.

·      Enhances crew morale.

·      Return on investment is tangible with increased crew tolerance.

·      Acts as a ‘watering hole’, encouraging crew communication.

·      Possible cost offset, against catering budget.

·      No more tepid drinks, unless of course cold drinks are required!

·      Runners’ time utilised more effectively.

·      Fast track system for cast and principal crew members, unable to leave set.

·      Good impression for ad hoc important visitors and press.

·      Placates inadvertently delayed drivers, when picking up/dropping off equipment

·      Fantastic coffee and refreshments (why wouldn't we mention this!!)

SHOT STOP provides Craft Services for Film & TV 

§  Lavazza trained baristas

§  Unlimited drinks on day rate - One day, one week, or the whole shoot

§  Premium refreshments served from the back of a custom built dinky Piaggio van

•      Lavazza espresso coffee

•      Twining’s Teas

•      Monin hot chocolate

§  Fresh Infusions (such as mint, ginger, lemon, honey, chilli)

§  Milkshakes, Smoothies and Frappes 

§  Espresso cup nibbles    

§  Confectionery / cold snacks by arrangement – Toasties for small crew numbers

Coffee Van 

•      Two vans dedicated to location work

•      Small footprint - can be positioned close to set, be that:

•      Remote locations, Busy narrow city streets, Sound Stages, or Between ‘Technical’ vehicles

•      Self-contained for internal or external positioning

•      On-board equipment powered by 

•      13 [household socket] or 16-Amp [Blue industrial socket], 240-Volts or 

•      Our Silent Suitcase Generator + LPG Bottle

    •    Additionally, Full Craft Services are now available for longer shoots

•      Joint venture with award winning professional catering events company (Ex Gordon Ramsey’s Gastropubs)

•      ‘Grazing Station’ concept offering:

     - Fresh, healthy, on-the go snacks and smoothies

     - Walk-around service for on-set crew

     - Priced on a per head basis

    •    Recent Projects - Total shoot:

            The Postcard Killings - 5 weeks

                  Come Away  - 7 weeks

                  The Good Liar [Fred Films] - 9 weeks             

                  Angel Has Fall [Millennium Films]– 6 weeks

                  Patrick [Disney backed] – 6 weeks

                  The Current War [Weinstein Company] – 10 weeks

                  Crooked House – 7 weeks

                  Bridget Jones’s Baby – 11 weeks

                  London Has Fallen [Millennium Films] – 2 weeks

                  The Man Who Knew Infinity – 2 weeks

              Criminal [Millennium Films] - 9 weeks

                           Spooks: The Greater Good [Kudos/Shine] - 7 weeks

                           24: Live Another Day – 3.5 months

                           Woman In Black: Angel of Death [Hammer] 7 weeks 

                           One Chance [Weinstein Company] - 6 weeks

                           I Give It A Year - 6 weeks

                                    Foster– 6 weeks

                                    Swinging with the Finkels– 5 weeks

    •    Other Film + TV Projects as one-off treat days for crew, a week, once a week:

             The Crown S3

                  48 Metres Down



                  Turn-Up Charlie

                  One and Only Ivan

                  Jack Ryan S2


                  ComCast Commercial

                  Mister Winner

                  Grantchester S4


                  Nike YouTube

                  King Lear

                  Killing Eve

                  Darkest Hour

                  The Kid Who Would King – Night shoot 4 Days

                  Marcella S2 

                  McMafia (BBC) – Two days a week for 11 weeks


                  The Favourite

                  Victoria and Abdul

                  Kingsman – The Golden Circle – 18 ad hoc days

                  Hampstead – One day a week for 12 weeks

                  Sick Note S1 S2

                  Friday Night Dinner S4 S5

                  Final Portrait – One day a week for four weeks

                  Heart of the Sea 4 + 2 Days

             Imitation Game

           The Anomaly

             Good People 


                  The Danish Girl 2 days


           Cockroaches 3 days

               Young Doctor's Notebook 2 days

             Mr Sloane


SHOT STOP would welcome the opportunity to discuss any potential requirements you may have for future projects.

Once we have an idea of the number of cast and crew and length of shoot, we would be happy to provide our day rate proposal. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon, but if you have a moment, do please take a look at our website



Graham Walters 

Founder | Barista


'Delicious Drinks From A Dinky Van'

Dedicated to the Film + TV industry

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