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Seb Wolfe Swindon, United Kingdom

I'm a writer. To me a script is like music, I look for the rhythm in it. This is how it makes sense to me and why I love to script edit. I have also produced, directed & 1stAD. I have an MA in creative writing and have had work produced.

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I am a writer with a few years experience now. I have written for both theatre and film. I have an MA in creative writing and have strived to continue my progress with writing since my qualification.

I have worked with Screenology on a web series, a short film adaptation of a stephen king short story and helped script edit on a feature length script.

I have written for Prime theatre on a modern interpretation of "The Odyssey" as well as working with the youth writing group.

I Have script edited for several short films and independent feature films - this is my forte and what I enjoy the most.

I have been an assistant director on several short films and promos shot for the purposes of obtaining funding.

I have written, directed and produced a combination of stage and film when I created "The justice equation" - a play set in the future where the audience played the role of the jury in a trial and their verdict would result in alternate endings to the story. The piece blended live theatre (courtroom) and film which would play at points throughout the story. It won "best technical creativity" at the Swindon fringe festival.

At the same festival I created the outline and worked on the plot for a play called: The door, which won the "people's choice award". 

I also work in theatre, currently at the Wyvern in Swindon.

I have a passion for taking the script to the best possible version it can be before shooting and have been told that I have a knack for dialogue. 

I love to work on projects that have a blend of comedy and drama but am happy to work on either individually.

I love writing, I really love script editing and I would really love the opportunity to direct more.

My motto would be: "It's not about knowing when it's good, it's about knowing when it's bad". So I love when people tear my work to shreds and I like to work with people the are happy to get the same in return.

I am looking for intriguing projects and would really love to work on some exciting projects.

I am happy to travel and strive to be an asset on any project I work on.

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