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(Male, 45 to 65 years old)

Role status:

Closed on 25 November, 2022

In return for:

Undecided, to be discussed

We can offer food and drink, travel expenses if needed, a copy of the film to put on your showreel. We are preferably looking for a local Actor based in Bristol however if you are from outside do not be discouraged we can discuss further details in regards to travel.


1 day from 26 October, 2022

The above day is only for a proof of concept of the short film. We cannot promise the role will be given to you after however we'll be happy to consider you if all goes well and make it a permanent role for the final film.


Based in Bristol, United Kingdom

We are looking for a male actor of colour (45-65) to play the role of Elder in our upcoming short thriller/dark comedy “Headhunters.”

Elder is an elderly hitman who has been in the business for decades and relishes in his work. He appears to have a questionable moral compass, he does not see killing in his profession as wrong but rather just like another job, he believes he is doing everyone a favour by eradicating the sinners who populate our world.

The role would be given as a stand in for a proof of concept we are shooting on the 26th of October but could be permanent if all goes well. The proof of concept shoot will be for one day and then for the final film we are looking to shoot in January (dates tbc). 

If you are interested to know more please give me a message.

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