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Visions of a Fractured Mind (Short film, 2018)

After receiving devastating news, a man goes on a spiritual journey of his life.

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A man suffers within the shadows of his own mind after receiving devastating news that will affect the entirety of his life. To shield himself from the overwhelming truth, the man creates an idealist environment within his own mind. The environment is beautiful and allows the man to reflect on, and escape, the woes of his existence. The man knows that this is not a sustainable coping mechanism and sudden flashes from his painful reality are an ever-growing reminder of this. Slowly the imagined retreat becomes more like a gilded cage. The man realises that he must face his demons and try and return to his life.

Evan Preston United Kingdom

Evan Preston is a writer & director. Themes of Duality and mortality appear in his films, often including supernatural aspects. Evan aims to make films that entertain but also provoke conversations and subvert expectations.

Presto Films United Kingdom

Presto Films is a website founded, by Evan Preston, that aims to create films that entertain audiences, subvert expectations and provoke conversations.

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