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VINEY Music Video (Music video, 2022)

A series of four music videos about three characters that make up one coherent story.

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The Vineyard Vendetta (VINEY) project is a series of four music videos that once put together creates one coherent story. 

This project contains three characters, Amy, the Protagonist, Viney, the Antagonist, and Billy, the Love Interest. I had to create and design one main costume for VINEY, one main costume for Billy, and three similar costumes for Amy. 

Indy(a) Madison Bristol, United Kingdom

Upcoming Designer Trainee, Third Year University Student

Josh Thomas Bristol, United Kingdom

Sound Recordist & Mixer. Occasional Director & Writer.

Jordan Kaye Unconfirmed

I create blood and gore on set special effects. I can do prosthetics as well as control the blood coming out of a wound. I will do VFX as well butIi believe this should only be done to add to said special effect.

Lucas Lewis-Smith Bristol/Swansea, United Kingdom

I am currently studying film at University and have an interest in directing and cinematography.

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