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(Female, 25 to 33 years old)

Role status:

Closed on 27 December, 2022

In return for:

Partnership (expenses paid)


Based in London, United Kingdom

Life After This is a drama, blend of live action and animation. The film tells the story of the breakdown of a lesbian relationship during the 2020 Lebanese revolution. After the explosion in Beirut, Amal falls into depression and tries to find refuge in her girlfriend, Leila who, on the surface doesn't seem to be affected by the explosion. Amal, after some refection and encouragement from her community, decides to join the revolution and leaves Leila. Their relationship is a representation of the relationship between Lebanese society and the government, as well as, the relationship between collective action and personal growth.

We're casting Amal, as well as Leila. Since the film explores the subject of a lesbian relationship and includes some intimate scenes (holding waist and kissing), we want to make sure that potential candidates feel comfortable playing the roles. We are looking for actresses of Middle Eastern background able to act in Arabic accent.

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