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T.W.A.T.S (TV comedy) Mature

This mockumentary is centred around the “Tunbridge Wells Amateur Theatrical Society”; or the TWATS for short.

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When theatrical society founder, Evadna Sweep organises for LJ productions to come and make a fly on the wall documentary series, we witness the re-branding, the audition process and the carnage which ensues over the next 8 weeks.

Having been in the industry for many many years, seedy, washed up has-been actor, Dick Dangerfield takes it upon himself to head the team in his directorial début which, ironically turns out to be more of a swan song. Much to Evadna’s surprise, every single thing has been documented; the good the bad the ugly. There is not one thing about this team of mismatched hooligans that we don’t witness; from the re-branding to the collation of new cast members; the auditions, the successes, the processes, the peaks, the failures, the tears, the tantrums, the scandals, the punch ups, the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

Dick Dangerfield’s trusty cast and crew are made up of a plethora of different people, who combine new ideas and up-to-date themes with a modern day “Carry On” feel. From Lorraine the musical director, a clumsy and ditsy middle aged woman who’s favourite past time is creating jingles and theme tunes for an array of different situations; to Ronald and Samuel, the flamboyant heads of set and costume who take pride in creating outrageous pieces... and of course Nutty Nigel, the egotistical stage manager who is often seen shouting or moaning about something or other; TWATS is a modern and modest sitcom with a retro tone.

Then of course there are the actors; Camilla, a sixty-something lesbian with a drinking problem, who’s strong feminist views land her in many an argument. Tarquin, the resident drag artist who’s shy and awkward persona is shed once “Tara” appears on stage and George; the most talented of all the TWATS although easily overlooked. Meet these and many more as we journey along with LJ productions, learning what it really takes to be a TWAT.

We see the real people behind their fake personas, the get-togethers and the break-ups. We see how both friendships and feuds are formed and just how incredible a bunch of TWATS can be. With a hilarious mix of dry humour, witty one liners and slapstick, TWATS is a nuanced and contemporary piece with a spattering of side-eye and double entendres.

Lux Goldman Bristol/Newport/Cardiff/London, United Kingdom

Non-binary DOP & Gaffer, looking to build up my portfolio. Especially interested in sci-fi & queer stories. Owner-operator with C70 & BMPCC6k Pro, DZO & Canon Lenses, Lighting, G&E and Support packages available.

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Bristol Production Van Bristol, United Kingdom

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Lottie Nicholls London/Esssex, United Kingdom

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