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Tree (Short film)

A passing business man catches a suicidal teenager as he tries to hang himself from a tree. A battle of wits ensues as the boy tries to complete his mission.

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Written by Fran Landsman, Tree was successful on the stage, and now Screenology are adapting it for the screen. This is a new endeavour for the team at Screenology Studios - testing out their lean filmaking process with drama for the first time. Tree will be shot over the course of four days, with a private screening on the fifth day. Tree will be available to watch online in September 2018. More about the characters: Inspired by the Blue Whale challenge - teenager Joe has convinced himself he must complete his final challenge to prove his devotion to his girlfriend and the Blue Whale cause. He has been set a specific date - and has chosen to hang from a tree in a quiet park. Dave is on his way home, and has taken a short cut through the park. He's desperate to get home before his wife Shelley leaves him for her hunky new life coach. Shelley really needs Dave to get home in time for their counselling session - when he doesn't show up or answer his phone, she fears her marriage is lost - and heads to the park desperate to find him.

Tom Brereton Downs Bath, United Kingdom

Tom loves to support people in uncovering and showing off their particularly brand of brilliance. He does this as a filmmaker, creative coach and founder of Screenology, Bristol's innovative Creative Filmmaking Degree programme.

Tilly Karabina Bristol, United Kingdom

Head of Student Experience at Screenology Film School, Bristol

Jessica Jones Bristol, United Kingdom

Production designer, set dresser, art director and all round crafty creative.

Lara-Daisy Lowndes Bristol, United Kingdom

Self-taught SFX makeup Artist with a specialisation in casualty effects and gore.

  • Makeup Artist

Tom Turner Bristol, United Kingdom

Actor, Acting Teacher, occasional musician. Interested in anything interesting.

Olga Rei Czarkwiani Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol and Warsaw based. Sound introduces it's own narrative layer, adds depth, resonates emotions and describes spaces and worlds. Even it's lack tells a story.

Leah Geary Bristol, United Kingdom

3rd Year Screenology Film Student.

Benjamin Harvey Bristol, United Kingdom

Currently Screenologising

Eve Pyra Bristol, United Kingdom

Visual Artist & Animator. I love making interesting projects happen!

  • 1st AD

Fiona Cassidy United Kingdom

  • Script Supervisor

Jonathan Price (JP) North Wales, United Kingdom

Director of photography from north Wales

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